Baffert denied by Kentucky Court of Appeals

“The Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday denied a motion by trainer Bob Baffert and owner Amr Zedan to stay their penalties related to Medina Spirit’s betamethasone positive in the 2021 GI Kentucky Derby.

This means the most severe of the sanctions, an under-appeal 90-day suspension imposed on Baffert by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC), will now go into effect as ordered on Monday, Apr. 4.”, writes T. D. Thornton, reporting for Thoroughbred Daily News on Apr. 2.

The article added, “Baffert’s legal fight to clear his name is just getting started.” To clear his name? Baffert beggars belief. He seems done to us, though it may take him some to catch up because of his narcissism.

If you look at the definition of narcissism, it states: “selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.” Well, that pretty much sums it up from our view, except the need for admiration. Does not appear to give two straws about that.

There are actually people defending him in the comments. This is horse racing.

Rest in peace Medina Spirit. We will likely never know how and why you really died. The supposedly healthy 3-year old died after a Dec. 6 workout in California’s Santa Anita Park. In a statement shortly after his death, trainer Bob Baffert said the horse suffered a heart attack.

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2 thoughts on “Baffert denied by Kentucky Court of Appeals”

  1. Although I’m no fan of Bob Baffert’s I do support fair and equitable justice so here’s my point.
    Female Trainer Linda Rice has been suspended for deeply corrupt business practices that she admitted to.
    Yet, she is STILL training and racing!
    This is a DOUBLE STANDARD because there are many trainers, male or female, that have been suspended for lengthy doping violations that didn’t get their well-deserved justice like Baffert finally has.
    The inequities and unfairness in the deliverance of rules and regulations are stark and deeply disturbing.
    There is no way this business can have any sort of integrity when things like this happen.
    Linda Rice should be suspended and should be in jail based on the court reports that I’ve read.
    She has been rewarded for her illegal and abusive behavior instead of punished and this should not stand.
    She just killed another racehorse the other day called FIVE ALARM ROBIN.
    She claims, mangles, dumps and/or kills then claims another one to fill the space of the other one she killed.
    She’s been doing this for years and the inability of this business not to suspend her and get her away from racehorses is an abomination to all of them.


  2. Baffert, over the years, has had lots of racehorses that die from a “heart attack,” and I don’t believe for one moment that it was a freak of nature as pro-horse racing entities seemed to project.
    I think that Medina Spirit was injected with something that brought on the heart attack and sent out to the track to die.
    If there was any good time to kill a racehorse it was exactly when he died.
    First of all, Baffert and his investors were in big trouble and they knew it.
    They, most likely, had insider information that Medina Spirit was going to be disqualified due to a doping positive and that they would be legally obligated to make good on the million dollar contracts in place written before the Derby.
    Second, the Derby gambling pools.
    Big bets were placed and, incidentally, gambling bets on racehorses are being conducted in offshore accounts and computerized software sidelining the traditional gambling bet at the track windows.
    There was probably millions involved with Baffert et al fiscally participating in most.
    Third, we will never know the physical issues that Medina Spirit had potentially rendering him unable to perform and the secret vet treatment records (not shared by private vets) ensures the lack of transparency at the highest levels.
    There was every reason to kill Medina Spirit and although everything is based on speculation the pieces of the puzzle fall perfectly in place for a “time to kill.”
    There have been many racehorses die under the care, custody, and control of Bob Baffert many of which died under mysterious circumstances and Medina Spirit is no exception.
    May your spirit come back to bite Baffert in the ass for what he probably did to you and did it with zippo remorse – something that he seems to be used to.


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