Stakes-Winning Quarter Horse trainer arrested, suspended for abusing horse

Natalie Voss, writing for the Paulick Report, states:

Rodolfo Sanchez, multiple graded stakes-winning Quarter Horse trainer, has been summarily suspended in Texas after a video surfaced on social media appearing to show Sanchez repeatedly whipping a downed horse.

According to Don Ahrens, director of security and parking at Sam Houston Race Park, an investigation revealed the incident took place at a fair grounds in Texas. Ahrens said Sanchez claimed the horse in the video had an issue related to being saddled.

Two videos posted to Facebook capturing the incident, one of which was four minutes long. Both show the man purported to be Sanchez hitting a chestnut horse with an object while the horse is secured with a short tie to a tree.

At various times during the beating, the horse is standing or flailing and at other times the horse is shown lying on the ground, having fallen with its head craned upwards due to the length of the tie. The video shows the horse breathing heavily throughout the incident. Other people are visible in the video, sometimes handing something to Sanchez and quickly backing away. Ahrens said the tool Sanchez used seems to have been a short whip with a bit of PVC pipe attached to it.

The full video is available here. (Viewer discretion is advised.)


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20 thoughts on “Stakes-Winning Quarter Horse trainer arrested, suspended for abusing horse”

  1. What kind of person does this?? Let’s whip the crap out of him and see likes it. Why would someone pay an ass like this to train horses. Horse trainer?more like horse MURDER.


  2. Meant to add this as well: Sanchez was sanctioned and fined in 2017 by the New Mexico racing commission for another doping violation – his winning entry was confirmed to have been administered over ten times the legal limit of dexamethasone. Wondering if any of these state racing commissions ever share records of violators? Kinda doubt that. Seems the trainers if convicted of whatever violation just scoot across state lines, or several state lines, and just keep on keeping on.


    1. Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. Whats wrong with these Commissioners???? Obviously they’re not doing their job. They need to resign and the state needs to hire 8 compassionate people that can do the job. Like maybe really care about the animal. They don’t deserve a paycheck.


  3. This trainer was also suspended for two months by the Louisiana racing authorities after the finding that there was a doping issue with one of his charges. Looking at this trainer’s stats he’s only managed less than 500 wins out of over 5000 “starts.” Apparently an awful lot of his training horses are suffering for an awfully few wins – clearly he was already quite a loser even before this! Unfortunately, he probably won’t be suspended for long anywhere in horse racing hell – Texas didn’t suspend him for very darn long. But then, Texas isn’t exactly known for appropriately prosecuting (much less punishing) animal abuse cases – whether horses or dogs, racing or shows, or even just plain old garden variety violations of reasonable standards of care. If I was in charge it would be a different outcome. I’d make sure he would have been stripped and tied in a half-squat to a tree in 95 degree heat and beaten within an inch of his miserable existence with the same implement he used on the filly. Sometimes vigilante justice is the only good kind of justice.


    1. That’s good but not nearly good enough. The dirtbag needs to be banned permanently. I did not see a misdemeanor, I saw a felony. I did reach out to D,. Wayne Lucas I didn’t know he had a filly running in the Oaks yesterday which by the way one.Kudos to him and his family. He started in Texas as a QH trainer. I sent him the video.I,m sorry but this would never go down in Kentucky. I also reached out to the Kentucky Racing Commissioner. Not hoping for much but keep your fingers crossed and your toes!!!!!!


  4. I have seen this sickening video of this evil brute, and in my opinion he should be hanging from the nearest tree! The Texas racing is not going to get away with a 3mth suspension! this devil should be banned from racing for ever! All the cowards there, did nothing, they will all burn in hell for what they are doing to babies! This ass hole is sick in the head, and all you people should stand up to the law, and make sure he never or any other abuser of horses is ever allowed near another horse! Jail this bastard, and let the prisoners give him real justice!


  5. Absolutelycatsandhorses. He needs a permanent ban. his license revoked for good. This angry bully does not need to be around any horses, animals , and children. I don’t know what you saw but I saw a Felony. emailed Texas Racing Commissioners but will it do any good. W. I would like to buy this poor little baby. Wait and see. Hope the 8 of them will so the right and just thing. We have trouble with the TB racing mostly drugs like Baffert but not this level of abuse as we know of. Many of my friends race in KY, Del;mar Santa Anita, and Saratoga. so much media its hard to do anything tooo bad. We have to be the voices of the animals and fight like hell for them. Thank you for listening


  6. Forget “prosecution to the fullest extent of the law” people. THIS IS TEXAS. Seriously, people? DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THERE ARE ACTUAL ANTI ANIMAL ABUSE LAWS on the books in TEXAS? Or that the few that are are actually ENFORCED? This guy is gonna sip because the Texas Old Boy Network and a veeerrrrryyyyy handomely paid shyster lawyer are going to make sure the felony charges are reduced to misdemeanor charges and then suspended. It’s called plea bargaining and is rampant in animal abuse cases. What it actually means is this miserable excuse for a human being is going right back to the barn to be slobbered over by his adoring groupies and “supportive owners” and struttin’ his stuff assuring everyone just exactly how he got away with it. Meantime this poor baby filly (yes – at 3 these horses ARE STILL BABIES) will no doubt be sent to a Texas slaughter auction and be shipped over the border to this trainer’s cronies in Mexico. Then strung up by the hock, throat slit, and skinned while still alive. THIS IS WHAT HORSE RACING HAS COME TO. You think this is “recent”? Nope. I boarded my pleasure riding horse in a barn where there was a race trainer “high stakes winning race trainer” – the abuse was sickening, no one did anything about it, and the horses he didn’t like were sent to kill buyers. THIS IS HORSE RACING.

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  7. The horse had an issue being saddled? Hello isnt this guy suppose to be a trainer? we do not tie a horse with such a short rope, and WE do not use whips and pipes. He need flat out FIRED,, NOT SUSPENDED ALSO WHY DID THE PERSON VIDEO TAPING THIS GO STAND UP FOR THE HORSE? SHAME ON ALL THAT KNEW OF THIS..


  8. OMG !!! This maniac and the rest should be beaten to a pulp and thrown in a hole to rot!!! What happened to that poor horse?? What about the other horses there in this monsters hands!!?


    1. There can be little doubt he routinely beats and abuses the horses in his control. This is not a one-off. Sick and cruel. It appears he got away with it. We are getting in touch with local authorities to find out.


  9. This abusive guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and lose his license forever! He needs a prison sentence for as long as possible for these offences. No animal should be abused like what he did to this horse.

    All the owners of the horses he “trains” should pull them out of his barn and find new trainers.

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