Stakes-Winning Quarter Horse trainer arrested, suspended for abusing horse

Natalie Voss, writing for the Paulick Report, states:

Rodolfo Sanchez, multiple graded stakes-winning Quarter Horse trainer, has been summarily suspended in Texas after a video surfaced on social media appearing to show Sanchez repeatedly whipping a downed horse.

According to Don Ahrens, director of security and parking at Sam Houston Race Park, an investigation revealed the incident took place at a fair grounds in Texas. Ahrens said Sanchez claimed the horse in the video had an issue related to being saddled.

Two videos posted to Facebook capturing the incident, one of which was four minutes long. Both show the man purported to be Sanchez hitting a chestnut horse with an object while the horse is secured with a short tie to a tree.

At various times during the beating, the horse is standing or flailing and at other times the horse is shown lying on the ground, having fallen with its head craned upwards due to the length of the tie. The video shows the horse breathing heavily throughout the incident. Other people are visible in the video, sometimes handing something to Sanchez and quickly backing away. Ahrens said the tool Sanchez used seems to have been a short whip with a bit of PVC pipe attached to it.

The full video is available here. (Viewer discretion is advised.)


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18 thoughts on “Stakes-Winning Quarter Horse trainer arrested, suspended for abusing horse”

  1. Never thought that Derby winner was on anything. Is he a bit rambunctious ? YES but none are perfect. The track tested the morning of the race and all results on all of the horses came back negative thankfully. I suppose we will see Rich Strike in the Belmont as his trainer wants to rest him for the next 5 weeks.


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