Simultaneous Wild Horse rally across the US set for April 23rd

Wild Horse Freedom Rally

A simultaneous, nationwide rally in every state in the US is being planned by advocates demanding the freedom of wild horses and burros.

The Wild Horse Freedom Rally is to take place on April 23rd, 2022, and supporters are asked to go to their State Capitol building with signs protesting the government’s treatment of mustangs. They are asked to stay on public sidewalks, and not block traffic or entrances to businesses.

The only exceptions are the New Jersey and Missouri rallies, which are not at capitol buildings.

Organisers are describing the move as a call to action for all wild horse advocates to come together at 1pm Pacific time, “no matter what solution you support”.

Supporters are asked to make and bring their own signs. Times and locations of each rally are shown on the movement’s website.

April 23rd just happens to be Take a Chance Day. —TH

Tuesday’s Horse

Official Blog of The Fund for Horses

Featured Image: Stocksy

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