85 wild horses dead at BLM holding facility in Colorado

UPDATE 04.29.22: 95 wild horses now reported dead. A virus likely responsible. FOX 31 Denver.

The Cañon City facility, located 115 miles south of Denver, is under voluntary quarantine due to the outbreak, the Bureau of Land Management said in a news release. The facility is home to 2,550 wild horses rounded up from rangelands.

The outbreak began April 23 and the agency is working with local, state and federal officials to determine exactly what caused the deaths, according to the release. Horses gathered from the West Douglas area last fall have been the most impacted by the disease, the BLM said.

An independent veterinarian and a federal veterinarian are on-site to help diagnose and treat animals, according to the BLM, and animals showing symptoms are being quarantined from the rest of the population.

The Cañon City facility is one of four BLM Colorado wild horse management areas across approximately 400,000 acres of land.

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Cañon City is one of five facilities in the nation with a Wild Horse Inmate Program, under which inmates care for and train horses for adoption. Its location at the prison has kept the corral facility largely out of the public eye, though a news crew was granted access last November.

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Featured Image: Deseret News.

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4 thoughts on “85 wild horses dead at BLM holding facility in Colorado”

  1. BLM is an atrocity to US citizens. They are in bed with ranchers and sacrificing our public lands and future wild horses and the Senate has done nothing to protect us, they continue to fund BLM helicopter roundups.

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