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I tried horse therapy and it changed the way I see life

Equine-assisted therapy encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health.

The use of Equine-assisted therapy and has roots in antiquity. Equine-assisted therapy has been applied to physical health issues in modern form dating to the 1960s. 

Of course, all horse lovers know what an incredible healing power horses have with humans; it doesn’t take long to experience it. Those who spend a lot of time around horses will not be surprised to hear that not only is this type of healing spiritual, but scientific as well.

A study of human and horse heart rates showed that spending time with a horse can lead to heart rates syncing up, which can slow down the heart rate of someone who is feeling anxious and lead them to feel calm. Since heart rate is an involuntary stress response, the study was able to conclude that horse assisted therapy has positive results, particularly for at-risk youths.

Similarly, horses have been found to have the ability to read human body language. One study by the University of Essex found that they can tell the difference between submissive and dominant stances even with people they are not familiar with.

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