Chuckwagon Race at the Calgary Stampede - deadly to horses. Photo: Metro News Canada.

Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures

So the headline states, hoping to woo people who care about horses into thinking that the Stampede chuckwagon event can be turned into something more agreeable and acceptable.

Chuckwagon racing is brutal and dangerous to horses and should be banned — whether horses are killed or not. Is that what it takes — dead horses — for people to even begin to consider events such as these as cruel, abusive, immoral and deadly?

More than 70 horses have died during the races since 1986.”
Source: CBC (Canada)

Say they do not happen to kill any horses this year or next? Or kill any during training or practice? What about the horses who are injured and can no longer compete? From the numerous reports we hear, injured horses who are relatively mobile or can be dragged into some mode of transport, are taken to a slaughterhouse where they are brutally and terrifyingly murdered for their meat.

Listen to this.

CBC Canada reports:

“The Rangeland Derby chuckwagon races return to this year’s Stampede after missing the past two years — in 2020, after the entire Stampede was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2021, as organizers cited safety issues.”

“The chuckwagons have long been controversial among animal rights groups in Canada and the United States.”

“In 2019, the last time the derby was held, six horses died [why do make is sound so passive? these horses did not die; they were killed—TH]. That matched the second deadliest toll in the Stampede’s history.”

And this guy. It beggars belief.

Professional chuckwagon driver Kris Molle says he expects the Rangeland Derby will still be a good show even with recent changes intended to increase the safety of the event. (Marc-Antoine Leblanc/Radio-Canada)

In other words, it will still be dangerous, just not quite as dangerous as it was, and therefore not as good. We get you.

Here’s more from these ahem . . . . folks.

“The Stampede said it is undertaking an effort to do enhanced veterinary inspections, and pointed to ongoing studies at the University of Calgary focused on chuckwagon races.”

“Researchers at the university are trying to find ways to reduce the chance of horse injuries by studying track conditions and how they impact the hooves and bones of horses while galloping at full speed. Sensors were placed on horses’ hooves, cannon bones and radiuses using saddles fitted with devices to measure data.”

Come on. Really? Racehorses breakdown and are killed or destroyed as a matter of routine around the world, and those horses are not doing anything nearly as brutal as what chuckwagon horses are forced to endure. Get out of town with your b*llsh*t.

Read the whole article here if you have the stomach for it. Thank you CBC for publishing it — so that good folks can perhaps begin to understand how horrific these horse abusers . . . . think and are.

This just in

A horse was put down following an injury during Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races, reports Ponoka News. “Organizers say in a statement that the horse on Cody Ridsdale’s team was hurt during the fourth heat of Thursday night’s competition. Following a veterinary assessment, the owner decided it would be humane to euthanize the animal.”

That means the horse at least was spared a trip to the slaughterhouse if the report is factual.

Featured Image: Metro News Canada

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4 thoughts on “Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures”

  1. It’s blatant animal cruelty – terrifying these poor horses who are unable to protect themselves, they’re forced to do this and they know their lives are at risk big time. I hate to think of their fear and trauma. And no doubt they suffer injury getting so knocked about even if they do survive this horrible ordeal. These people are doing it purely to satisfy themselves.
    I really don’t get why these sick creeps do it, I mean what’s the point of it? Clearly they don’t give a damn if the horses get hurt or die and that fact indicates that these people are deadset sadists.
    And they have the gall to dish out their utter bullshit to the public in a futile attempt to try and justify their cruelty to these horses.

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