Chuckwagon horse dies following injury

CBC NEWS reports:

A horse died after being injured in the Rangeland Derby chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede on Thursday night.

During the fourth heat of the races, a horse on Cody Ridsdale’s team was injured and medical care was immediately dispatched, the Stampede said in a release.

“Following veterinary assessment, the owner made the humane decision to euthanize the horse,” the Stampede said.

The Stampede implemented new measures for this year’s chuckwagon races in an effort to make the event safer for the horses.

In recent years, four wagons would compete in each heat — that has been decreased to three wagons this year. Custom-built delineator arms have also been added to the track to create a buffer between the wagons and the rails.

The chuckwagon races have long been controversial among animal rights groups.

More than 70 horses have died during the races since 1986.”
Source: CBC (Canada)

In 2019, the last time the derby was held, six horses were killed. That matched the second deadliest toll in the Stampede’s history.



The only way to save the horses is to forever cancel this dangerous, moronic event. — Tuesday’s Horse.

Featured Image: Scared chuckwagon horse. Backstage. Calgary Stampede. Creator: Tye Carson. Copyright: © Calgary Stampede

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5 thoughts on “Chuckwagon horse dies following injury”

  1. This barbaric “bloodsport” needs to end. Every year horses die in this event. One horse is too many. This is the first time the races have returned to the Stampede since six horses died in 2019. The 2019 Calgary Stampede is tied for second place as the deadliest year for chuckwagon horses in more than three decades — with the total tally of animal deaths surpassing 100. It’s illegal in Alberta to inflict unreasonable distress on animals, and there are no exemptions for rodeos. Yet, no rodeo event or participant has faced prosecution in Canada since 1950—over 70 years. Disgraceful IMVHO.

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    1. Thank you Jane.

      We are seeing it with an added angle this year. Yes, the people running the events, abusing and killing the horses and other animals are highly responsible. But, what about all those cheering spectators who keep it all going; who keep this barbarity in business?

      We are just a disgusted with the people who go to these horrific events, who hoot and holler, enjoying the dangerous and deadly spectacles, cheering it all on — including the accidents, injuries, maiming and death to the animals used. It makes it all so damn exciting . . . right? Besides, they are only animals.

      How do you deal with a mindset like? And so many?

      CTV News reports: “I think it’s fair to say Stampede in Calgary is back in the saddle,” said Steve McDonough, Calgary Stampede president and chairman of the board.

      As of Saturday, the Calgary Stampede saw 1.109 million guests, and organizers expect the total attendance number to reach 1.2 million by the end of Sunday. The all-time attendance record was set in 2012 during the Stampede’s 100th anniversary when just over 1.4 million people came out.”

      The millions . . . of cutthroats.

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      1. No question about it. There are hoards of people who see nothing wrong with it all. “Hey, it was an accident, they happen”, or “it’s just one horse, or steer or calf or whatever”. Then there is the “but these horses were born to race and love it” and so on. The mindset is ingrained in their warped culture. And it’s evident every year. Particularly this year because this is the first year where things have loosened up with respect to Covid restrictions since the pandemic began. So people are itching to travel again, attend events, vacation, and so forth. Just look at the airports all over the world. People clamouring to travel in the chaos that prevails. In any case, I’m not surprised at the turnout for this reason. And, as always I am appalled by what goes on at this and other rodeos.

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  2. So much for their “extra safety measures”…it’s brutal and it kills horses, over and over. Time to end the chuck wagon races

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    1. Thank you Lisa. We totally agree.

      What is particularly disgusting is that loads of people keep going to see it. Does not matter at all that horses are injured and killed. They get a thrill out of it.

      If people did not attend these insanely dangerous events involving animals, these events would no longer exist, and no more horses or any other rodeo animal would be abused, injured or killed.

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