BLM removes more than 200 wild horses in opening days of Piceance-East Douglas helicopter operations

As of Saturday, July 16, the Bureau of Land Management had rounded up 235 wild horses from the Piceance-East Douglas management area in western Colorado.

So far, the BLM’s cull includes 106 mares, 87 stallions and 42 foals, according to the agency. The BLM’s White River Field Office began rounding up the wild horses with helicopters on Friday, July 15.

The Bureau of Land Management started gathering wild horses in the Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area on, June 16, aiming to remove as many as 1,250 horses.

The latest wild horse roundup, which is forecast to become the largest in state history, has been divided into two stages. Bait and water trap operations began in mid-June and removed 18 wild horses. Drive-trap gather operations, which use horseback riders before the helicopters, started up late last week.

According to the BLM, the roundup will help slow population growth, maintain population size within the BLM’s appropriate management level, which the agency has put between 135 and 235 horses.

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Look at the hopelessness and despair in this wild horse’s eyes. It is heartbreaking. This is our tax dollars at work. And for what? Really?

This photo posted at shows a 3-year-old sorrel gelding that is eligible for adoption. The BLM has rounded up more than 200 wild horses from the Piceance-East Douglas Herd management area west of Meeker and will eventually make many of those horses eligible for adoption as well. — BLM.

We say


The BLM are destructive, cutthroat liars. Not a single, solitary action described is necessary. It is the opposite. It is cruel and deadly.

It does not matter who is in power in the nation’s capital when it comes to America’s wild horses and burros. They are all liars.


The US government is determined to destroy every, single last American herd in this country. Why? For what? What will it gain you? Explain. Come up with a different answer if you can, because the ones you have given us over the last decades have been nothing but lies supported by manufactured data — manufactured by you.

Anyone who has been out on our public lands knows that its vastness is overwhelming, its immense size is almost incomprehensible to the human senses. The point being is this.

There is plenty of room for every single wild horse and burro to live freely and peaceably, while never coming into contact with any other users of America’s public lands. Wild horses and burros do not harm public land, they benefit it. They are nature’s perfect work.

Since it appears there is no rational reasoning for the destruction of our wild horses and burros, the only alternative to look for appears to be an irrational one. We just don’t know anymore.

One fact has been clearly proven insofar as we can see. When it comes to America’s federally protected wild horses and burros, they have not a single friend in Washington DC. The few politicians who pay lip service to their support know they can do so — at absolutely no risk. No one is going to do a damn thing.


You can view wild horses available for adoption at the link above. For a list of all wild horse and burro events, visit the adoption and sale event schedule.

We dare to say that, if you have any heart at all: it will break it.

What can we do?

We, and numerous wild horse protection groups who know more about all of this than we do, have worked and studied and appealed to just about every possible human being in the federal government in Washington and beyong to help our wild horses and burros. Nada. Nothing. Only the occasional lip service: which came to nothing. So, what next? What can we do?

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