Horse killings

Urgent! If you can help law enforcement track down the killers of the following horses, we would so much appreciate it. They are US based killings.

2 mini horses shot, killed at Tangipahoa, La. rescue

A miniature mare and her miniature filly were killed in a back pasture.

An Amite woman, who has spent decades saving the lives of abused and neglected horses, is asking why someone would come on her property and intentionally kill two of her rescues.

“I just don’t understand why anyone would shoot them. They were my most vulnerable. I mean, they’re little. They’re minis. They’re, the mama was old. She couldn’t get away fast,” said Alysia Maloney, Founder of the nonprofit Equine Advocacy of Louisiana.

It was Sunday afternoon around 2 p.m., when a miniature mare and her miniature filly were killed in a back pasture.

“The mama had four or five, and the baby had two (gunshot wounds),” Maloney said. “The mama had one in the head, mostly in her abdomen, her side. And the baby had one in her buttocks, and one in her side.”

Investigators from the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office are asking the same questions, and they need your help in solving the case.

Anyone with information telephone the Sheriff’s Office at (985) 345-6150. Thank you.

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3 horses shot dead near Billings being investigated by sheriff’s office

Molt is near Billings, Montana

Ted McFarland and his family woke up to a nightmare on Thursday, when they found three of their horses shot dead in their field, in what can be described as a completely random act of violence.

McFarland owns the Clint McFarland Ranch near Molt and this incident has left him with nothing but anger and questions. He and his family owned the three horses, Shade, Heidi and Haley. They were 22 and 21 years old, and, according to Ted, were healthy animals.

The investigation is ongoing.

The McFarland family is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of who is responsible for killing their horses. Anyone with information can contact YCSO at (406) 256-2929.

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Featured Image: Police car lights. Image not attributed.

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