Racehorses out on the track at dawn, Los Alamitos. Associated Press image.

Colt dies as racehorse fatalities mount up at Los Alamitos

CBS News reports the following on July 26, 2022:

Another horse has died in a training accident at Los Alamitos, state horse racing officials announced. Rapacious, who died Tuesday, July 26, 2022, was an unraced 2-year-old colt trained by Bob Baffert, according to the California Horse Racing Board.

Rapacious is the tenth racehorse to die in a racing or training accident at the Cypress track this year. Eleven horses died from racing or training injuries at Los Alamitos in 2021.

Los Alamitos was briefly placed on probation by the CHRB in July 2020 due to another spate of racehorse deaths. At that time, at least 20 horses died at the track in 2020 after suffering racing or training injuries.


Whoever did the reporting did not do his homework. Probably telephoned the track and got the number of kills off them.

In reference to 2020 and “at least 20 horses died,” was the reporter hedging? There were many more that. Horseracing Wrongs documented a shocking 43 racehorses killed at Los Alamitos in 2020. Forty-three. Now. How does the writer’s “at least 20 horses died at the track in 2020 . . .” sound?

As shocking as the numbers of racehorse kills are, what is particularly horrible is how brutal these kills are — horses dying in agony, enduring unimaginable physical and psychological pain until it is finally over.

Here are the kills, when they died and how they died, at Los Alamitos in 2020, 20021 and 2022 to date, documented by Horseracing Wrongs.

Say their names.

Los Alamitos Kills, 2022 (as of July)

10 Dead Racehorses

Big Fabuloso, Jan 8, Los Alamitos R
Ballet Royalty, Mar 12, Los Alamitos R – “sudden death” (five years old)
Fastidious, Mar 19, Los Alamitos R – “musculoskeletal”
Stolen Lives, Mar 20, Los Alamitos R – “musculoskeletal”
See You At Front, Mar 23, Los Alamitos T – “musculoskeletal”
Scream and Shout, Apr 23, Los Alamitos R – “musculoskeletal”
Urban Dance, May 27, Los Alamitos S – “accident, shoulder”
Untuckit, Jun 15, Los Alamitos T – “sudden death” (four years old)
One More Fly, Jul 16, Los Alamitos T – “musculoskeletal” (two years old)
Rapacious, Jul 26, Los Alamitos T

R=Racing; T=Training; S=Stall. Reported through July 29, 2022.

Los Alamitos Kills, 2021

13 Dead Racehorses

Noor Khan, Jan 17, Los Alamitos T – “staggered, collapsed, [died]” (four years old)
Don’t Stop Lookin, Jan 17, Los Alamitos T – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
One Famous Prize, Mar 2, Los Alamitos T – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Nomadess, Mar 30, Los Alamitos T – “pulled up, dropped dead” (two years old)
Call Sign Lucky, Apr 3, Los Alamitos T – “hit rail: open, displaced fracture”
Steamy, Apr 30, Los Alamitos R (euthanized May 4) – “compress[ed] spinal cord”
Noodles, May 22, Los Alamitos S – “found dead – necrotizing pneumonia”
Registrant, Jun 12, Los Alamitos R – “horse staggered, fell, seized, and died”
Bruce, Aug 2, Los Alamitos S – “hypovolemic shock due to aortic rupture”
Favorite Doc, Oct 16, Los Alamitos R – “fell and died suddenly jogging back after race”
Luca’s Ride, Oct 17, Los Alamitos R – “fell, died on impact – complete neck fracture”
Conchita, Nov 28, Los Alamitos R – “complete transection of spinal cord”
Not This World, Nov 28, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Dec 1) – “lumbar fracture”

R=Racing; T=Training; S=Stall.

Los Alamitos Kills, 2020

43 Dead Racehorses

Ruby Roundhouse, Jan 1, Los Alamitos S – “abscess in LH, colicky for six days…toxic”
Jest Famous, Jan 7, Los Alamitos S – “acute colic, found thrashing and rolling”
Eyell Be Back, Jan 10, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jan 12) – “catastrophic breakdown”
Katies Easy Moves, Jan 19, Los Alamitos R – “open fracture; severe, complete rupture”
Is It Over, Jan 21, Los Alamitos S – “colic of 24 hours duration”
Radio Tim, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Street Machine, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “large open wound with exposure of MCIII”
Chickititas Favorite, Mar 8, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, ligament rupture”
Flokie, Mar 29, Los Alamitos R – “catastrophic breakdown of right carpus”
The Cullinan Dream, Mar 31, Los Alamitos S – “four-day diarrhea prior to death”
Royal Callan Rocks, Apr 3, Los Alamitos T – “displaced fracture of tibia”
Chromie, Apr 11, Los Alamitos R – “fetlock breakdown, [multiple] severe ruptures”
La Dorada Czech, Apr 15, Los Alamitos S – “at 4 pm depressed, lethargic; died at 11 pm”
Shes Our Dasher, Apr 16, Los Alamitos T – “phalanx protruding through the skin”
Isla’s Toy, Apr 17, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Rowboat Romeo, May 9, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic fracture; severe hemorrhage”
Tap the Wire, May 9, Los Alamitos R
unidentified, May 24, Los Alamitos T – “comminuted, complete, displaced fracture”
Jabber Now, May 24, Los Alamitos R (euthanized May 26) – “[multiple] fractures”
Malibu Morning, May 29, Los Alamitos R – “open, comminuted, complete fracture”
Grimm Resolve, Jun 2, Los Alamitos S – “found dead in stall” (two years old)
I Love Sorrento, Jun 7, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic right humeral breakdown”
Leggolas, Jun 18, Los Alamitos T – “became unstable, collapsed, died” (two years old)
Young Dasher, Jun 23, Los Alamitos S – “severe pneumonia, two weeks duration”
Up and Ready, Jun 26, Los Alamitos S – “acute laminitis following castration”
Equilibrio, Jun 26, Los Alamitos R – “complete fracture, rupture[d] muscles”
Nana Shila, Jun 27, Los Alamitos R – “broken neck; massive hemorrhage, spinal canal”
Warren, Jul 2, Los Alamitos S – “colic, distended intestine, extensive hemorrhages”
This Is Us, Jul 3, Los Alamitos R – “open fracture, complete luxation of the fetlock”
Jess Bet Me, Jul 5, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] complete ruptures”
Alltime Favorite, Jul 11, Los Alamitos R (euth Jul 13) – “multiple displaced fractures”
Tacy, Jul 12, Los Alamitos R – “open fracture; complete rupture, [multiple] ligaments”
Bf Field Notes, Aug 7, Los Alamitos S – “spinal cord compression, aortic rupture”
Secret Tonight, Aug 8, Los Alamitos R – “complete fracture of the scapula”
Peek It Up, Aug 22, Los Alamitos R – “fx [back], complete transection of spinal cord”
Adriatic Son, Aug 27, Los Alamitos S – “found dead in stall – colon rupture”
Billy the Hott, Sep 5, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, massive hemorrhage”
Bob E McGee, Sep 13, Los Alamitos R – “fracture, ruptures, massive hemorrhage”
unidentified, Oct 11, Los Alamitos S – “horse with a history of being found dead”
Hit It Up, Oct 23, Los Alamitos R (died Oct 28) – “complete transection of spinal cord”
Celtic Miracle, Nov 6, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Racing N Lace, Dec 5, Los Alamitos R – “spinal cord compression”
Thru Lady, Dec 16, Los Alamitos S – “flipped over, fell against wall, died”

R=Racing; T=Training; S=Stall.

Get the latest at https://horseracingwrongs.org/ »

Note: Much if not all of horseracing relies on government subsidies to stay in business. If you have horseracing in your State, this is your taxpayer dollars at work. Demand from the Governor and the State Legislature that they cease subsidizing horse racing immediately. It is morally outrageous to prop up this egregiously cruel and deadly business to horses.

Featured Image: Starting gate at Los Alamitos Race Course. Source: Yahoo! Sports

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  1. What are these people thinking …oops, excuse me they are not capable of reasonable thinking ! These horses are babies , there bones are not fully developed . This horrible abuse of showing and racing needs to end as we all know . Stop the baby abuse and have a heart and even a small brain would be better than what these idiots do !
    Heartless ….and Brainless , money greedy bastards !

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