Dead Australian Racehorse, Pride of Westbury. By Horse Racing Kills.

July 2022 racehorse kills

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Died R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall

Sticky Issue, Jul 1, Churchill R – “catastrophic injury, humanely euthanized”
Action for Autism, Jul 2, Pleasanton R – “lost action”
Vindatude, Jul 3, Saratoga T – “collapsed and expired” (three years old)
Enid, Jul 4, Churchill R – “catastrophic injury to right foreleg”
Ruby Red Rocks, Jul 4, Saratoga Harness R – “broke down near 3/4 pole”
Horns For Three, Jul 7, Northfield R – “horse slowed down, fell, dead on arrival”
Heavy Handed Hanna, Jul 8, Buffalo R – “complete open fracture, euthanized on track”
Sip’n Dip, Jul 8, Monmouth R – “hit the rail, stumbled badly and fell”
My First Grammy, Jul 9, Belmont R – “broke leg after the wire”
Alfred Hanover, Jul 11, Northfield R – “drowned” (two years old)
One More Fly, Jul 16, Los Alamitos T – “musculoskeletal” (two years old)
Yei Yei, Jul 19, Parx R – “fell, catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Night Girl, Jul 20, Del Mar T – “sudden death” (two years old)
Fox Valley Adele, Jul 22, Meadowlands R – “possible heart attack” (two years old)
Megameister, Jul 23, Sacramento R – “took a bad step”
Rapacious, Jul 26, Los Alamitos T
Little Christy, Jul 27, Mountaineer R – “broke down, euthanized on track”
Platinum Ice, Jul 27, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Racin’ Jacin, Jul 27, Thistledown R – “suffered injury, completed course, euthanized”

Alfred Hanover

WKYC reported:

“‘Alfred Hanover’ had just finished second in his race when he became startled by a nearby tractor, running into a nearby pond and drowning.” Monday’s event was not the first time than an incident like this happened at Northfield Park.

In 2019, another horse drowned under similar circumstances. Just last year, a young trotter, “Creatine Star,” nearly lost his life in a similar fashion at Northfield, but was rescued in time.”

Alfred Hanover was 2 years old.

This is horseracing.

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