Int’l Cat Day

According to National Day Today, August 8th is International Cat Day.

Many of us here at Tuesday’s Horse either grew up with or near horses. When we think horses, we think barn cats. We cannot imagine a horse barn without barn cats. So today we especially honor them.

Barn Cats

In life, friends can come in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true when it comes to felines and equines. Horse owners generally keep a few cats in the barn to keep rodents away from the feed, and that is usually how cat–horse friendships are born.

Despite their size and temperament, these two animals actually aren’t that different. Particularly when you focus on the spirit of both of these animals.

“Most people look at me dumbfounded when I say that cats are a lot like horses. Yes, they are two totally different mindsets in diet as well as instinct. However, there are many ways they are alike and perhaps that is why so many horse people are also drawn to cats.”

Both cats and horses are highly sensitive, picking up on all sorts of nuances that we humans often miss.

Creator: Molly Wald

Natural horse care consultant and associate editor of Natural Horse Magazine, Lisa Ross-Williams weighed in on the unique bond shared between these two animals, and why often times lovers of horses are lovers of cats, too:

Cats and horses are extremely sensitive to their environments and the emotions of other beings in the family.” — Lisa Ross-Williams

Horses are herd animals. Their generally calm disposition is inviting to a cat. For a horse, a cat is inviting as they do not pose a threat. Remember, the horse is instinctually hardwired by their prey-driven fears, and even though cats are far smaller, a horse will remove themselves from any creature that presents danger in their minds.

For both felines and equines, play is high on their list of priorities. In the wild, feral cats and wild horses dedicate much of their time to playing.

Both of these lovely creatures are particularly drawn to their natural element. Connecting with the environment and the world around them brings them both much happiness.

Via Cattitude. Want more? See also Barn Cats: The Purrfect Predator. It is a terrific article. And Caring for Barn Cats will give you some good ideas.

Featured Image: HQ Magazine.

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