Galloping Quarter Horse Partial.

PeTA Investigates: Racing Hell — Underground Horse Racing

From June 2021 through April 2022, a team of PETA operatives investigated unregulated Quarter Horse racing in Georgia, primarily at the largest Georgia “bush track,” Rancho El Centenario (south of Atlanta).

Well over 100 of these tracks operate all over the U.S., from California to Virginia, flying largely under the radar.

Fast and Furious

Quarter Horses are the fastest breed at running a quarter-mile or less. These “match races” feature two to six horses competing against each other at breakneck speeds on a straightaway track at distances from 5 to 400 yards. A typical race day involves up to 20 races.

PETA discovered a clandestine underworld of crime and cruelty, where racegoers wager hundreds of thousands of dollars and trainers and jockeys drug, whip, and electroshock horses to try to win at any cost. Please continue at source »

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