Carriage horse protest NYC; Daily Mail report on Ryder

From the Stopping NYC Horse Abuse Facebook page:

As of now, no one knows exactly what is wrong with Ryder, but it is quite clear by his emaciated state and the fact that he collapsed and was unable to get up for over an hour — he is in a life-threatening condition,” Edita Birnkrant told CBS News. “If Ryder does indeed have a neurological disease and he was worked by owner #IanMcKeever with this disease until he collapsed, criminal charges need to be filed for violating the New York State animal cruelty statutes.”

CBS reported on 12th August:

Videos showing a horse collapsed in the middle of the street during rush hour and police watering down the fallen horse had animal rights groups protesting outside of City Hall on Thursday. The Wednesday incident reignited calls for the city to ban horse carriages in New York City. 

“Yet another sick carriage horse has collapsed in distress on the hot pavement of New York City as onlookers express shock and horror while the animal was repeatedly beaten by the driver,” Edita Birnkrant, executive director of the animal advocacy organization NYCLASS, tells CBS News. “How many more horrific tragedies will it take to end carriage horse abuse in New York?” 

Witnesses quickly began filming after the 14-year-old horse, named Ryder, fell at the intersection of West 45th Street and 9th Avenue. 

Under New York City laws, carriage horses cannot work more than nine hours in any continuous 24 hour period and are required to receive five weeks of vacation or furlough every year at a horse stable facility.

They are also required to be seen by a vet at least twice a year and are not allowed to work in extreme heat or extreme cold.

“As I was walking through my neighborhood to get to the gym, I heard an unusual ‘thud,'” Christian Parker told CBS News. “I looked over my shoulder and saw a horse on the ground in the middle of busy 9th Avenue.”  More »

By Carriage Horses—NYC. Exposing the inhumane carriage horse industry in New York.

We have been told that there are 160 carriage horses in NYC. Please read on.

Daily Mail on Ryder

In the meantime, the Daily Mail reports:

Central Park carriage horse who collapsed after tripping is ‘on the mend’ and collapsed due to parasite in its brain: 14-year-old animal was an Amish buggy horse in Pennsylvania before being moved to the Big Apple.

“Parasite in its* brain . . . . ?” What?

Look what else this rag printed:

  • The 14-year-old horse who fell in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday evening was seen happily munching down on bales of hay at his stables where he is recovering
  • Ryder fell and tripped when walking back to the stables from giving two carriage rides in Central Park
  • A veterinarian on the scene diagnosed him with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, a parasite from infected opossum droppings which affects more than half of all horses on the East Coast
  • In rare occasions like this one, the parasite can reach the cerebral spinal fluid and affect the nervous system
  • Video of the fall went viral and renewed calls for an end to the city’s horse drawn carriage industry
  • Activists are calling for the horses to be replaced with electric vehicles, but industry leaders say the horses are well taken care of and electric vehicles may not be able to support all the workers 

What a bunch of jokers. And who are these so called “industry leaders?”

In the meantime, take a look at this.

Christine Hansen, a spokeswoman for Historic Horse-Drawn Carriages of Central Park, which represents the New York City carriage horse industry, told how Ryder, a 14-year-old stallion is recovering after a fall in Manhattan Wednesday evening

One does not to be an expert to see that the horse Ryder should not be working. It has brought tears to our eyes.

Ryder lives with several other horses in the stables, which appeared clean when toured the facilities.

There is a video of Hansen at the Daily Mail article (scroll down a bit at the link). We have not listened to it yet but it appears she is claiming that she saved the horse Ryder from slaughter and gave him a job and a home. So she is representing herself as a hero, a horse saver. Keep scrolling and there are even more videos we had not seen of the incident.

How is it in this day and age this is still going on? As the old saying goes, you can’t make this sh*t up.

Encouragingly, the use of horse-drawn carriages has been banned in London, Oxford, Paris, Toronto, Beijing, and numerous smaller cities throughout the United States.

Featured Image: Ryder eating back at the stable. By Richard Harbus.

Updated: 3:40 pm

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    1. police were pouring water on the overheated horse to give it time to recover and stand on its own. They were helping


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