I'm Mayhem competing in the 2017 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration.

Protest the 2022 Tennessee Walking Horse Nat’l Celebration

Organizer, Clant Seay

Peacefully PROTEST and urge the public to BOYCOTT the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.

The event features “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty which is morally reprehensible.

According to MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) Professor Equine Vet Dr. John Haffner, the “Big Lick” is based on the “suffering and pain” of horses.

Protest Dates

Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022
Friday, Aug. 26, 2022
Saturday, Aug. 27, 2022
Friday, Sep. 2, 2022
Saturday, Sep. 3, 2022

“We need to do it again this year.
My thought is a large group of us gather on the FIRST night
which is Thursday, August 25, 2022.”

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Heroes for Horses.

Clant states:

“We have come so far in eight years.

• America’s Verdict on the Floor of the U. S. House
• Lowest Celebration Attendance in 50 years
• Shelbyville citizens not attending the horse show
• Increased public awareness on social media
• DC Court of Appeals Decision Upholding Validity of USDA 2017 Rule to possibly end ‘Big Lick’ (subject to appeal)”

Contact Information

Please email Clant (cmseaylaw at aol dot com) or text/call him (662-380-3367) if you can come out on Thursday, August 25, 2022, and then whatever other day works best for you.

Thank you everyone.

Learn More

New to this issue? Visit the Fund for Horses website for more information:

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Horse Soring Fact Sheet »
Horse Soring FAQs »

Tuesday’s Horse

Official Blog of The Fund for Horses

3 thoughts on “Protest the 2022 Tennessee Walking Horse Nat’l Celebration”

  1. Everywhere this horror is perpetrated on horses people should stand up and very loudly shout out about this cruelty. I know of one trainer in Oregon who has gotten kicked out of numerous gaited horse shows – where the focus is on plain shod horses, there’s not a much of a big lick industry out here – and kicked out of multiple commercial stables for her activities. More recently, I learned that a severely foundered TW gelding had been RESHOD WITH SHOW SHOES. The trainer demanded it, the clueless and intimidated owner agreed to it, and their new young farrier, just starting out and who had no idea of the trainer’s local infamy (which included at least one animal neglect and cruelty conviction) went ahead and DID IT. The local gaited community is aware of this and the trainer is barred from the shows which the local gaited horse association insists is the “most” they can do about the situation. None of that helps this old (late teens), very tired and very crippled gelding that the trainer and owner are still trying to sell as a fancy action horse for over $5k.


  2. Wicked Barbaric Cruelty to our greatest animal helper thruout the centuries. Big Lick is synonymous with Love of money & pride. May they burn in he’ll for eternity those doing this/ involved in it & promoting this

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