‘World of Horses’ exhibit to make a return to the New York State Fair

GEDDES, N.Y. — Fairgoers at this year’s Great New York State Fair will have a chance to learn about the lives and needs of horses at the newly revived ‘World of Horses’ exhibit, organizers said.

In cooperation with SaddleUpNY!, World of Horses will provide training and education to fairgoers, spanning everything from how to keep a horse as a pet, to the career options after a race horse retires from competition.

Dr. Karin Bump

Additionally, the exhibit features information on how to get involved with horses including options for college degrees, career fields, and riding programs, organizers said.

“We are excited to bring this exhibit back to the Fair and have been overwhelmed by the support of partner organizations and horse owners across the state,” Dr. Karin Bump of SaddleUpNY! said. “There is no better place than the State Fair to promote our industry and encourage new participants to become part of the world of horses.”

World of Horses takes place in the barn along Sioux Avenue near Gate 4 from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, and from 10 AM to 2 PM on Labor Day. The 2022 Great New York State Fair kicks off on Wednesday, August 24th and runs through Labor Day, September 5th.

For a full list of free shows and exhibits being offered at this year’s Great New York State Fair, you can visit their website with the link HERE.

Featured Image: B&B Carousel Horse at Luna Park in Coney Island. Photograph: Luciana Golcman. P.S. Could not find a workable New York State Fair carousel horse image. We love carousel horses.

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