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The Akhal Tekes, which originate from desert areas around Turkmenistan, are known as the “Golden Horses” and thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Their coats have a metallic sheen due to a particular genetic characteristic whereby their hair follicles are hollow, thereby reflecting the light.

Their conformation is distinctly graceful and athletic, and horse aficionados either love them or don’t. They are tall, with long pasterns, backs, and ears, are lean and have narrow shoulders. They have a floating gait and their hind legs “snake” at a trot making for a smooth ride.

They are a multi-discipline breed, performing at the highest levels in racing, endurance, eventing, cross country, dressage and jumping.

Akhal Teke.

Akhal Tekes are adaptable to varying weather environments, maintaining good condition in cold and hot climates. They are great doers and require less hard feed than many other breeds.

Akhal Tekes are usually solid in colour, with buckskin, black, bay, palomino and cremello most popular.

Akhal Tekes can bond with a single human for life, and show great intelligence, spirit and loyalty towards their human carers. They are full of personality and can be excitable and challenging at times, with distinctive ear rotation that can seem bad tempered, but is known in the Middle East as “laced” — or inquisitive and opinionated! They are quick to learn and like variety.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Akhal Teke, can read more here.

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