Lawsuit filed concerning U.S. holding pen for wild horses

By Scott Sonner Associated Press Aug 20, 2022

RENO, Nev. — Advocates for wild horses are accusing federal land managers of illegally approving plans for the largest U.S. holding facility for thousands of mustangs captured on public rangeland in 10 Western states.

Friends of Animals said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday up to 4,000 horses would be held captive inhumanely for months or years at a time in dusty, manure-filled pens without shade or wind-breaks in Nevada’s high desert.

At a cost of of millions of dollars annually to U.S. taxpayers, the lawsuit says it’s part of the government’s misguided effort to appease ranchers by accelerating roundups of mustangs competing with their livestock for public forage across much of the drought-stricken West.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Reno says the Bureau of Land Management broke multiple environmental and animal protection laws when it “rushed through the approval process without considering the impacts of the unprecedented facility on wild horses and burros or the local community.”

Interior Department spokesman Tyler Cherry said in an email that neither the department nor the bureau had any comment.

The bureau said in announcing solicitations for bids for the corral in late 2020 more space was needed to facilitate roundups of what it says is an overpopulation of wild horse herds causing ecological damage to the range.

The bureau wrongly concluded a full-blown, yearlong environmental impact review wasn’t necessary for JS Livestock Inc.’s holding pens on 100 acres of private land near Winnemucca, about 170 miles northeast east of Reno, the lawsuit said.

Jennifer Best, director of Friends of Animals Wildlife Law Program, said agency officials who approved the project in November failed to adequately respond to concerns raised about disease transmission, animal waste, disposal of dead animals, groundwater contamination and “air quality in terms of odor and dust.”

The less-rigorous environmental assessment the agency completed improperly relies on state permits and other documents in an attempt to satisfy the reviews required under the National Environmental Policy Act, the lawsuit said.

Among other things, the suit says the agency will require JS Livestock to clean the 40 pens that can hold up to 100 cattle as few as two times a year. Every six months, 100 horses will produce 465 tons of waste in a 750-square-foot pen and 4,000 animals would produce 18,000 tons, it said.

“BLM’s decision stinks,” said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals. “If the BLM based its decisions on science and not placating the meat industry that wants wild horses to go extinct, the agency would keep its hands off wild horses.”

The suit says the bureau gave short shrift to numerous potential impacts, including noise the agency’s review concluded wouldn’t significantly differ from the existing land use — an alfalfa field.

“BLM did not explain how a facility with 4,000 wild horses and burros will have the same level of noise as alfalfa,” it said.

JS Livestock didn’t immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and its Public Lands Council are among those who back the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce what it says is an overpopulation of wild horses on federal lands.

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3 thoughts on “Lawsuit filed concerning U.S. holding pen for wild horses”

  1. I’m appalled at some people’s lack of care in keeping our wild western horses here, living in their native habitat! They should be given top priority, in my opinion, over cattle. Yes, we need cattle for food, but then give cattle 50% of the land, and wild horses and burros the other 50%. WE NEED WILD HORSES & BURROS IN OUR LIVES.

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    1. This makes us question the intelligence of our Congress as US public lands are amazingly vast. There is plenty of room for our federally protected wild horses and burros plus the disgusting welfare cattle ranchers, even before you take into consideration how many wild horse herds have been destroyed. Why the symbolic Mustang is so hated by Washington is beyond us. We are thoroughly disgusted with Biden. And we are telling him so.

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