Walking Horse Big Lick. Google image.

Animal advocates protest ‘big lick’ Tennessee Walking Horse cruelty

WZTV NASHVILLE | by Cindy Murphy | 25th Aug 2022

Animal advocates protest against cruel practice involving chains attached to the horse’s hoof and boots used to give horses an exaggerated gait.

Animal Welfare Advocates with the grassroots Citizens Campaign Against “big lick” Animal Cruelty (CCABLAC) have announced that they will peacefully assemble at the Tennessee Library Thursday at 1 p.m. to protest against and call for the immediate removal of a “big lick” Tennessee Walking Horse placed on the outside wall of Tennessee Library as an official Tennessee State Symbol.

Mechanical Soring Stacks and Chains. Image Source: Horse & Hound. Not filed with story.

Middle Tennessee State University Horse Science Professor equine vet Dr. John Haffner told the Murfreesboro Pulse that, “The fact is the big lick can only be accomplished by soring. When one soring technique becomes detectable, another one is developed. The big lick is a learned response to pain and if horses have not been sored, they do not learn it.”

Mechanical and Chemical Soring. Humane Society Image. Not filed with story.

According to the Humane Society, soring involves the intentional infliction of pain to a horse’s legs or hooves in order to force the horse to perform an artificial, exaggerated gait. Caustic chemicals; blistering agents like mustard oil, diesel fuel and kerosene, are applied to the horse’s limbs, causing extreme pain and suffering (know as chemical soring as seen above).

The United States House of Representatives voted in a landslide margin to abolish the nearly eight pound “stack shoes” and “chains” necessary to manufacture the “big lick” gait of Tennessee Walking Horses.

The organization is asking Tennesseans to boycott the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville from August 24 to September 3.

CCABLAC says it wants to deliver a clear message that Tennesseans will not provide legitimacy to this cruelty. The methods that produce a “big lick” gait are a stain upon the great State of Tennessee. The US Congress has said “No”; Tennesseans should do the same.

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3 thoughts on “Animal advocates protest ‘big lick’ Tennessee Walking Horse cruelty”

  1. Let’s all hope that the days of soring innocent Tennessee Walking horses and other breeds are almost over! It is with great thanks to organizations like CCABLAC, FOSH, The Humane Society, etc., that due to their many peaceful protests, they have helped to make this happen. Also, thanks to The United States House of Representatives who voted in a landslide margin to abolish the nearly eight pound “stack shoes” and “chains” necessary to manufacture the “big lick” gait of Tennessee Walking Horses. The fight isn’t over yet – keep writing and/or calling your representatives, Our beloved equine partners deserve our best. They cannot speak for themselves.


  2. Let’s make no mistake that Big Lick Soring is a horrible barbaric practice that tortures horses . The sad part is one of the leaders in this peaceful protest and part of CCABLAC she and her husband run one of the most corrupt rescues in Tennessee, they buy auction horses including TWH and take donor money and Captive Bolt Gun kill many of the horses not giving them a chance . There are always wolves in sheep’s clothing . I don’t respect people like this , and wish honest people would lead the protest !

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