Carriage horse found dead in his stall during record heat in NYC

Since the following report by One Green Planet, nothing has been done to help; no one in power (namely, elected officials) to help or intercede on behalf NYC’s carriage horses. It is business as usual for this immoral and unconscionably corrupt business. We are taking names so New Yorkers can vote these slackers O U T. It is sickening.

In the meantime . . . . carriage horses are being forced to work in very hot temperatures then get little relief when they are finally allowed to bed down for the night in their hot, cramped and virtually airless stalls. It is criminal. Look.

One Green Planet reported:

Last week during New York City’s record heatwave, a carriage horse named Billy was found dead in his stall, according to the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

This is just the latest incident that highlights the dangers of this industry and how these animals are used and abused for entertainment. Although there is a law that horses must be removed from the streets when temperatures reach 90 degrees, it is not always upheld.

DOHMH reported that the 14-year-old Belgian draft horse died “apparently from colic” on July 20, when temperatures reached a high of 96 degrees in Manhattan, with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees by 11 AM.

“The fact that this horse likely died a long, painful death without receiving proper medical care is inexcusable. Like many carriage horses in New York City, Billy died as he lived – in extreme heat, under terrible conditions, isolated in a tiny stall, neglected and alone. Many questions remain, but one thing is clear: the city must initiate a thorough and independent investigation into the circumstances of this horse’s death,” said Edita Birnkrant, NYCLASS Executive Director.

NYCLASS is calling for the NYPD to conduct a review through the animal cruelty unit as well as an independent veterinarian. They say that the following questions must be answered by an independent investigation.

  • Given the extreme symptoms of colic, was the horse previously examined by a veterinarian?
  • Colic is not followed by instant death. How could this horse have simply dropped dead from an agonizing condition without anyone detecting a problem?
  • Why did heat suspensions only go into effect at 2 PM on the day of and before Billy’s death despite 90+ temperatures recorded hours earlier?
  • What, if any, oversight measures are currently in place to ensure these rules are followed and enforced?

A new bipartisan bill will replace horse carriages with modern electric carriages. This will not only reduce horse deaths but make the streets safer for New Yorkers. The bill also requires owners to pay drivers a prevailing wage, as these drivers often receive few, if any, benefits or standard worker protections.

Animal rights activists and animal lovers have long attempted to ban the use of horses to transport tourists. The electric carriages would be low-speed vehicles that would be limited to three miles per hour in Central Park, according to the bill. Drivers would be able to work more, get better pay, and better benefits than they do now using live animals.

End Quote

See NYC stable where fallen carriage horse Ryder was housed that keeps malnourished animals in horrific conditions: Video; New York Post, 27th August 2022.

Featured Image: West Side Livery on 38th Street, small, cramped and dirty. By Carriage Horses NYC.

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3 thoughts on “Carriage horse found dead in his stall during record heat in NYC”

  1. tears will not stop..
    I am sickened..
    ..this is the murder business..
    so many humans care not.. forever softly dearest Billy..
    along with those that await you..
    ..and those that will come next..
    because humans have no heart..

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