Listen, wild horses could keep wildfires at bay


Stephanie O’Neill reports that’s the hope behind the Wild Horse Fire Brigade, a non-profit program piloted by William Simpson.

Under a 1971 Congressional Act, the Bureau of Land Management has the right to round up wild horses on public lands. Oftentimes, those horses are shipped to holding facilities, where they are kept in captivity and separated from their families.

William Simpson wants to change that.

He wants to deploy the wild horses across public lands, to live and graze — and ultimately, prevent the worst wildfires.

Note: We have covered this before, but just in case you missed it. Have a listen. TH.

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1 thought on “Listen, wild horses could keep wildfires at bay”

  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting this article about how wild horses could keep wildfires at bay!! The audio-link was so informative and interesting. It truly is incredible how one man made many years’ worth of observations to prove how horses could be so helpful. If only William Simpson could get more politicians, scientists, taxpayers, and horse/burro people to try out his ideas. It would save lives of equines sent to HMAs, save taxpayers’ money by not needing so many roundups of the wild ones, and save so many human lives, as well as loss of homes and ecosystems.


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