Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies Sept 23 & 24

House Energy & Commerce Committee kills the S.A.F.E Act

Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rally Calls for Ban on Export of America’s Horses, Domestic and Wild, for slaughter across US Borders!

Sept. 21, 2022 |

Nationwide rallies have been scheduled months ago to take place across the country on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24 in support of the S.A.F.E. Act HR 3355 which was awaiting markup by the House Energy and Commerce Committee to go to the House floor for a vote.

The committee slaughtered the hopes of advocates in the midnight hour when they chose to exclude it from the markup calendar and continue to allow tens of thousands U.S. horses, domestic and wild, to be transported across our borders to be slaughtered.

With increasing public awareness, this is the furthest this bill has gotten since being introduced to the House of Representatives in one form or another over 20 years. We will not give up our fight to put an end to this greed-stricken business and will continue to encourage the next Congress to put a ban in place!

The movement, Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rally, is designed to bring public attention to the brutally inhumane and taxpayer-funded wild horse and burro roundups currently taking place in the American West.

Many of America’s formerly wild horses and burros end up in Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses. The SAFE Act would have made it illegal to transport horses and burros, domestic or wild, from the USA to other countries for slaughter.

The movement, Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rally, strongly opposes the extermination and warehousing of American wild horses and burros, and demands that funding for this failing practice of roundups be used for ecological studies by unbiased scientist instead.

To view full list of scheduled rallies, please visit

The press is invited to attend. We will be happy to supply more detailed information at the rallies.

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Jackie Oliveri (NY)
Teri Hall (Colorado)

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Featured Image: Wild horses wait in a BLM holding facility in Utah. George Frey / Getty Images. Not filed with the above News Release.

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2 thoughts on “Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies Sept 23 & 24”

  1. We voted these senators in, let’s vote them out. Clearly they don’t have the right values, all stacked up for cattle and killing, as illegal as it is to remove mustangs from public land- killing amazing American icons. That land is OURS!

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