Horse slaughter ban hits D.C. speed bump

The SAFE Act stalled in a Congressional committee earlier last week, which means horses are still not safe from entering the slaughter pipeline. Slaughter for human consumption.

Why do we continue supplying people with meat from our horses when a reportedly eight out of 10 Americans oppose it?

The reality of horse slaughter is horrific enough to make that closer to 10 out of 10.

Bloodhorse magazine writes: “Magazine readers who have been following the issue for, like, the past 20 years will respond with, ‘Uh-huh, and so what else is new?’ They are justifiably cynical. Over that period of time, various versions of federal legislation to outlaw anything to do with horse slaughter have come and gone with regularity, buried in committee undergrowth, strangled in infancy by special interests with no claim to public support.”

The Bloodhorse adds: “For those who believe in polls, it has been found that better than eight out of every 10 Americans are opposed to horse slaughter. Chances are the concept is abstract to most of the people being polled, because the reality of horse slaughter is horrific enough to make that closer to 10 out of 10. But eight out of 10 is a pretty strong statement of philosophical and practical intent.”

We at Tuesday’s Horse wonder how many millions of dollars it would take to bribe the US Congress into doing what it is supposed to do, such as pass laws, good laws, including the ones that are important to the American people. Lobbying our federal lawmakers both individually and collectively has gotten us absolutely nowhere, so the brutal carnage of our horses continues at a sickening pace.

The only thing that seems to motivate the US Congress and get results is cold hard cash, an enormous amount of it, such as corporate America has. Get the picture?

America does not look so beautiful when viewing it through the lens of its greedy and corrupt elected officials.

Featured Image: Horse being bled out in Mexican slaughterhouse.

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7 thoughts on “Horse slaughter ban hits D.C. speed bump”

  1. This is insane! We need to shut down ALL horse meat auctions in this country and prohibit our livestock being sold for pennies on the pound. and may not be shipped out to these 2 countries. Let Mexico and Canada do their own dirty work. I’m truly sick of this. We should not be involved in this horrific disgusting business. AMERICANS DONT EAT HORSEMEAT.

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  2. People NEED to see how horrific horse slaughter is! Unless you’ve seen the reality of this terrible issue, you cannot grasp how important it is to write your legislators and DEMAND they pass this legislation!

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  3. I don’t get it. Americans don’t eat horse meat so why do we have the Meat Man Auctions here? They are killing draft horses, retired race horses, ponies, burros, donkeys, and our supposedly federally protected wild Mustangs. Who is in charge of this Bull. Does anyone out there know? If Canada and Mexico want the meat, let them kill their own. Plus China goes thru 300,000 horses a year. Rough estimate

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  4. I would like to share this but cannot because of the photo. It is too intense for most people to look at. If you could repost the article with a different photo , I could share it with a lot of people. Thank you for your hard work at exposing this absolute evil.

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