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National animal rescue buys NYC-area farm for retired carriage horses

Just say “hay!”

A national animal rescue group is buying a Westchester County farm to provide a home and permanent sanctuary for retired carriage horses and other neglected farm animals.

The nonprofit group, The Gentle Barn, kicked off its local expansion plans for the hamlet of South Salem after Ryder, a Central Park carriage horse, collapsed on West 45th Street in August — and was flogged by his driver in a viral video that led to widespread outrage and further calls to ban horse-drawn carriages from city streets.

Despite the efforts of Gentle Barn and others to save him, sources told The Post both vet tests and a necropsy revealed that Ryder had long suffered from untreated cancer, among other ailments — and after collapsing at an upstate carriage horse farm in the wake of it all, he was euthanized.

The Gentle Barn was founded in 1999 in Southern California by Ellie Laks. Since then, she and her husband, Jay Weiner, have expanded to St. Louis and Nashville — where they rescue animals from food factories, farms, auctions and city sidewalks.

“We were talking about [opening in New York] when Ryder collapsed,” Laks said. “We knew it was just a matter of time until the next carriage horse falls and we have to be ready.” Source: New York Post »

Arizona Wild Horse Advocates Buy Up Dwindling Alpine Herd

When Apache first arrived at the wild horse sanctuary weeks ago, he was depressed—grieving, said Simone Netherlands, president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

Several in his band had been shot and killed in early October in an organized act of cruelty deep inside the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests in eastern Arizona.

Two months after the killings, Netherlands, president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, still can’t fathom the motive behind them and the sheer heartlessness of it all.

The horse death toll is now at 41. Some had gunshot wounds in the belly, lungs, and face, and were left to die where they fell. Somehow, a few managed to survive their wounds. Source: The Epoch Times »

‘Alarming’: Two More Horses Die in Army’s Premier Ceremonial Unit, Marking Four Since February

Four military working horses in the Army‘s 3rd Infantry Regiment, also known as The Old Guard, have died since February including two since October, a string of deaths that follows an investigation into how horses are treated by the unit.

Two of the horses died within about a month of each other — the latest occurring a day after Thanksgiving. The first pair of deaths occurred within 96 hours of each other in February.

Those first deaths led to a wave of public and congressional attention at The Old Guard and the way it treats its herd, specifically after CNN reported that they were living in small, unsanitary lots, consuming low-quality feed and suffering from parasites — issues that the unit said it has attempted to remedy. Read more at »

Related Reading: Army report finds horses that carry the caskets of America’s heroes live in ‘unsatisfactory’ conditions, after 2 die, CNN, April 7, 2022 »

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