5-yr-old mare collapses, dies at Los Alamitos

She had been raced 27 times

Another racehorse has been killed at Los Alamitos Race Course, the track’s 18th horse fatality of the year.

Javelina Cantina, a 5-year-old mare with 27 races and one first-place finish in her career, suffered a “sudden death” after finishing fifth in a six-horse field in Saturday’s 10th race, the California Horse Racing Board reported Monday.

The horse “was walking back to the barn after the race, collapsed and died just before exiting the race track,” Mike Marten, public information officer with the CHRB, told City News Service on Tuesday.

Sudden death is defined as an acute collapse and death in a closely observed and previously apparently healthy horse.

Javelina Cantina will undergo a postmortem examination under the direction of UC Davis.

So far in 2022, eight horses at the Cypress track have died from racing-related injuries, three from training injuries and another seven from other causes.

Eleven horses died from racing or training injuries at Los Alamitos in 2021, with another two deaths listed as “other.”

The track was briefly placed on probation by the CHRB in July 2020 due to a spate of racehorse deaths. At that time, at least 20 horses had died at the track in 2020 after suffering racing or training injuries.

Kill racing — not horses

Javelina Cantina was only 5 years old and literally raced to death.

Racing is and has been for many decades inherently cruel and fatal to horses. To no one’s view — not even racing’s — can it be made safe for the horses.

Death on the track is not the only horror of course. Racehorses suffer in a plethora of ways for virtually their entire lives. So, it must be banned. Kill Racing. Not Horses.

In the meantime, we are calling on the California Horse Racing Board to close the track immediately. Their telephone number is (714) 820-2800. You can leave a message. More contact information here. Thank you everyone.

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  1. There BLM should hire qualified people that can handle this situation. Helicopters? A BAD IDEA. Let’s chase them buzz them, run them ragged and totally Stress them out. Babies can’t keep up with their Mothers and get separated. This whole thing has been so mismanaged. They should have moved them with an old fashioned “cattle drive”.Horses follow horses and move in a pack unlike cows who wander off and get lost.These horse and donkey and burro auctions have to be stopped NOW. The stupid Charras are now “renting “young horses and mares for the HELL HORSE TRIPPING sport? it’s the most cruel thing I have ever seen It’s a FELONY. Who’s not doing their job here . Sounds like ALL of you The BLM isn’t called Big Lies and Mismanagement for nothing.I call for a complete evaluation of the people in charge.

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