Horses successfully discriminate between letters of the alphabet in study

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Here are a few introductory paragraphs:

Horses trained to use their nose on a touchscreen proved able to discriminate between the letters O, B, Z, V, and X, researchers report.

The study team used an automated testing system to ensure their experiment was free from the “Clever Hans phenomenon” — so named after it was found that a horse seemingly able to do arithmetic had taken subtle, involuntary cues from his handler.

Clara-Lynn Schubert and her fellow researchers set out to examine visual discrimination in Garrano horses, an endangered pony breed of the Iberian horse family.

They tested five horses, aged 13, 8, 5, 4, and 2, living together in a semi-free enclosure near their natural habitat in Serra d’Arga, northern Portugal. The group comprised a male, two adult females and two offspring. The eldest, a mare, had sight in only one eye.

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