Letter: The BLM’s wild horse roundups are cruel and unnecessary

This is a good example of a Letter to the Editor. It was published by Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Letter to the Editor

“The Bureau of Land Management investing in healthy wild horse herds and wildlife habitat in Sand Wash Basin” was the headline for a recent guest column by the BLM. This agency conducts cruel and unnecessary roundups of wild horses who number only a few hundred.

At the same time, they allow thousands of cattle and sheep to graze on land which by law is set aside for our wild horses and other native species. I believe these roundups are illegal and their purpose is to destroy wild horse herds that are part of our Western heritage. Shame on the BLM, which does the bidding of sheep and cattle ranchers. This is not an investment, it is animal genocide .


Wilson Prokosch

We say: American wild horses are breathtaking, a national treasure and under federal protection of which they receive little to none because of ongoing government corruption. Shame on the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior who continue to violate its own law, a criminal federal offense.

Thank you for Mr Prokosch for speaking up on behalf of our Mustangs.

Image Source: Bureau of Land Management

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3 thoughts on “Letter: The BLM’s wild horse roundups are cruel and unnecessary”

  1. It’s called BIG LIES AND MISMANAGEMENT. I don’t think anybody that is in charge is of the Equine World which is what they need.Helicopters. Hare Brained idea. stress them out, run them ragged ,terrorize them. Babies get separated from their Mothers and we have no idea what happens to them next. Broken legs etc. Medical help NO food and water NO . The BLM is BY LAW TO PROTECT WILD MUSTANGS, BURROWS DONKEYS AS THEY ARE FEDERALLY PROTECTED. YEA RIGHT. This law has gone out the window but is still on the books. These horses would certainly move in a quiet manner driven by other horses. That’s what they do they follow. Helicopters are more expensive than an old fashioned horse drive.INCOMPETENT INCOMPETENT INCOMPETENT. Shameful and sad.


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