Canadians please sign petition (closed)

Petition to ban shipping of horses overseas from Canada for slaughter

The British Columbia SPCA, Canada


Thousands of live horses are exported each year from Canadian cities (Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg) to Japan, where they are slaughtered for a luxury item, raw horsemeat basashi.

It has been over a year since the federal Minister of Agriculture was given the mandate to end the live export of horses for slaughter. Approximately 2,000 horses have been transported since this announcement, while Canadians wait for action from the federal government.

Despite the overwhelming numbers of Canadians who signed the 2021 e-petition during the last session of the government, the election was called before an official response. A new petition e-4190 launched on November 9, 2022, is renewing calls for action, and it has already been signed by thousands of Canadians.

Even if you signed the previous e-petition, you are encouraged to sign this latest version. The petition system will let you know via email if you already signed, so you can still attempt.

» Go here to sign (Canadians ONLY please) »

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3 thoughts on “Canadians please sign petition (closed)”

  1. The Petition e-4190 is closed and has been tabled in parliament. On Monday this week in the HOC, MP Alistair MacGregor presented the petition initiated by Jann Arden and signed by almost 40,000 Canadians. Now that it has been submitted, the government has 45 days to table an official response. During this time, people are encouraged to email Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau and demand they make horses an immediate priority and ban exports for slaughter.

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