Seven horses killed at Churchill in lead up to 2023 Kentucky Derby

“They should play ‘Taps’ at the Derby instead of ‘My Old Kentucky Home.’”
— PETA VP Kathy Guillermo.

Litany of the Dead

(1) Chloe’s Dream / 3 year old gelding

(2) Chasing Artie / 5 year old gelding

(3) Code of Kings / 3 year old gelding

(4) Freezing Point / 3 year old colt

(5) Parents Pride / 4 year old filly

(6) Take Charge Briana / 3 year old filly

(7) Wild on Ice / 3 year old gelding

Code of Kings, a 3-year-old gelding, died after flipping and sustaining a broken neck.

World Animal Protection executive director Lindsay Oliver said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Seven horses have now died at Churchill Downs in pre-Kentucky Derby races. How many more horses have to die before action is taken? The deaths of Parents Pride, Chasing Artie, Wild on Ice, Code of Kings, Chloe’s Dream, Freezing Point, and Take Charge Briana prove it’s time to address the ethical implications of this so-called ‘sport.’”

Protocol requires a necropsy when a horse dies on-track, with a review of contributing factors, vet records and interviews with stakeholders, to learn the cause and what, if anything, could have been done to prevent it.

Kill Racing. Not Horses.

Featured Image: Here Mi Song is taken to the equine ambulance after the 10th horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 6, 2023, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

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6 thoughts on “Seven horses killed at Churchill in lead up to 2023 Kentucky Derby”

  1. UPDATE another – yes ANOTHER – Baffert breakdown euthanized today after being injured on Preakness Stakes day. Stop. The. Madness. Start with banning Baffert forever.


  2. It is time to end this HORSE RACING death game. All the issues for the horses and the big money is not worth a horses life. what happened to just having a horse race without all the drama? Every owner and trainer and connections need to be outed for how they abuse the horses for their gain. Enough is Enough


  3. Review “vet records.” Fine idea – IF track vets can be trusted to be honest, accurate, forthcoming, and willing to stand up for their patients. Anyone believe the “if”? I do not now and never have. As for those “interviews with stakeholders” – seriously? Those who make blood money off of theses horses being honest, accurate, forthcoming, and willing to stand up for their horses? I have two words for “vets and stakeholders”: SINCE WHEN? The humans in this ongoing tragedy are 100 percent the villains, and the horses are 100 percent the victims. STOP. RACING. NOW.

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      1. Until there is very public shaming BY NAME of the owners and trainers who are causing these deaths – those deaths will continue. Until there is INDEPENDENT investigation of these deaths including whether insurance FRAUD is a part of it? The deaths will continue unabated. The corrupt and insanely evil US racing industry does not deserve to police itself – it never has, it never will deserve self-policing. The only thing that is going to work at this point is naming NAMES in every form of social media and every equine blog and then adding to the public shaming every elected official and track official that falls in line with the corrupt and insanely evil US racing industry.

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