Tuesday’s Horse raffle to help horses

We have our winners, and they have been notified. Congratulations!

Updated. We have been asked to extend the date to the 31st and happy to oblige. Details below.

Help us raise money to help horses with our TH exclusive raffle. Minimum purchase is a $5.00 donation — which will give you five draws. If you donate $6.00 you get six draws, and so forth.

May 26th through May 31st

Begins today Friday, May 26th at 1:30 pm EST, and ends 1:30 pm EST Wednesday, May 31st.

Drawing will take place Thursday morning, June 1st at 09:00 am EST.

There will be three winners:

First Prize: $100.00. Second Prize: $50.00. Third Prize: 25.00. The prize money for this event has been generously contributed by a long-time donor and supporter of Fund for Horses whose blog this is.

Funds raised will be used to help horses in crisis.

Make a Donation via PayPal »

Visit the Fund for Horses website »

Thank you everyone!

Tuesday’s Horse

Official Blog of The Fund for Horses

1 thought on “Tuesday’s Horse raffle to help horses”

  1. How do we know what our ticket numbers were?
    seems like we would be given our numbers and then post who the winner #’s were>??


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