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Go Vegan

Advocate From Your Plate

The Horse Fund advocates for equines because that is our specialist knowledge. We love and respect all animals.


Imagine however that no animals were used, for any purpose, not for their meat, not for their excretions, not for their skins.

For horses, this would mean no more slaughter; no more farms stocked with pregnant mares milked for their urine to make hormone replacement drugs, their foals killed by what is now estimated to be more than a million;

— no pony skins used for home decoration or adorning high end athletic shoes or celebrity handbags;

— no breeding organizations clamoring for more slaughterhouses to use as a dumping ground for the horses they fail to sell, or racehorses who no longer run fast enough;

— no cattle lobby fighting for the removal of our wild horses and burros from public lands so federally subsidized ranchers can graze there.

These are just a few examples, and mighty big ones, that concern only equines.

Now imagine every time you sit down to a meal you can help bring this and much more to an end, not just for horses, but for all animals.

Eliminating the demand for animal products is the most effective way to eliminate animal exploitation, suffering and death in a way no amount of regulation and legislation can ever achieve.

Make the Change. Adopt a Plant Based Diet. Go Vegan!

The Horse Fund invites you to advocate from your plate, not just for horses, but all animals, by going Vegan.

Embracing a Vegan lifestyle is the most important step you can take toward protecting animals in a peaceful, non-violent way. It is also fun, delicious, fulfilling and gives you a great sense of purpose.

Every sentient being has the right not to be treated as property and used as a commodity. Enlighten your life and the lives of others by becoming an agent of change for them, for us and the planet, by going Vegan.

We do not need to eat animal products. Indeed, more and more mainstream health care professionals are acknowledging that animal products are detrimental to human health.

Thank you for stopping by and considering our invitation to make this dietary change for the animals, our planet, well . . . for all of us!