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Rewarded for Being Vegan

If you are new to veganism, or thinking about taking this big, and exciting step, please see Gentle World‘s “10 Simple Tips for the New Vegan.”

There’s lots more from this wonderful website, one of the very best out there for all of us, from the aspiring to the most dedicated vegan.

One that you may find pretty amazing is the article, “Rewarded for Being Vegan.”

Here are some testimonials about some pretty astounding health benefits.


At the beginning of this year, Gentle World volunteer M Butterflies Katz asked her Facebook friends a very simple question:

“What physical conditions have miraculously gone away since you became vegan?”

Vegan friends came out in force to share their stories. Following are some of our favorites . . . .

Sue: My asthma – which I thought would kill me by the time I was 40 – disappeared completely in just a few weeks. From the constant use of two kinds of inhaler and being threatened with steroid injections I went to wheeze-free and I haven’t needed meds for 17 years. I also stopped having colds. I get the occasional sniffle but never anything serious. I get what I call colds but they only last 24 or 48 hours and are nothing like the ones I used to get before I went vegan.

Julie: I switched to a vegan diet for the animals. Nothing else. I had no idea the health benefits that would follow! My goodness. IBS: gone! Migraines: gone! What I thought were allergy symptoms: gone!

David: I used to get sick a lot. Since becoming Vegan I don’t… ever. And this is also because the mind is now cleansed of confusing internal debate. Going Vegan is like a breath of fresh air and life just makes sense!

Robin: My husband thinks it has relieved his arthritis. He mentioned this in passing and I googled it and found out veganism has often been cited as a contributing factor in alleviating arthritis.



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