Chill more than menopausal symptoms with delightful Rhubarb Granitas

In our mission to help horses and foals used and cast off by the pregnant mare's urine industry that make drugs like Premarin cream and tablets, we urge women to shun them and the cruelty that goes with them, and find an alternative to ease menopausal symptoms. I went on a rhubarb recipe spree when I… Continue reading Chill more than menopausal symptoms with delightful Rhubarb Granitas

A Mustang murder mystery in northern Nevada

WILD HORSES NEVADA (Warning: Graphic Image) — On May 10, 2017, Tuesday's Horse received an email from the Professor and Chair of the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department of a California University stating he was leading a student field trip in Northumberland Canyon south of Austin, Nevada the previous weekend and they discovered the following:… Continue reading A Mustang murder mystery in northern Nevada

Meat Out for Mustangs: Week 1

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — We promised we would tell you what is behind our Meat Out for Mustangs campaign this May. Here we are a last! Know Your Enemy There is no doubt in my mind that public land cattle ranchers are historically the #1 enemy of federally protected wild horses and burros in the U.S.… Continue reading Meat Out for Mustangs: Week 1

Ten vegetables that can substitute for meat

ADVOCATE FROM YOUR PLATE ™ — Now you may not like all of these but you are bound to like some of them. If you are not quite ready to opt for the vegan way of eating at the moment, how about trying it one day a week, especially during the month of May when we… Continue reading Ten vegetables that can substitute for meat