Matching gift offer extended to 6pm August 30th

Make a donation between today and 6pm EST, Monday, August 30th, 2021, and two of our supporting partners will double the amount you give. We are so grateful to the horse-loving couple who are making this extensive campaign possible. OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 6PM EST, AUGUST 30TH Your donation will help us fight a… Continue reading Matching gift offer extended to 6pm August 30th

What are you doing right now?

How would you like to help horses. . . right now? Horses who are suffering . . . under threat of death; perhaps even extinction? You can do it from the comfort of your home, on your phone or laptop, anytime day or night. There are three urgent horse protection issues that need attention —… Continue reading What are you doing right now?

New look Facebook

Famous Fund for Horses Iconic Horse. By Bob Langrish with permission.

Wow, were we surprised and happy to see the new Facebook page layout. It is pretty darn cool. Such an improvement. Now if only . . . you finish the rest (ha, ha, ha). What do you think? We hope you will not only like it, but "like it". Check it out here » Happy… Continue reading New look Facebook

Back in the blogging saddle again soon

Hello there. It has been a wild and crazy month. We have been so busy since the beginning of the year we have hardly had time to catch our breath let alone blog. We even put Patsy our vegan bloggist on assignment so that's why you haven't heard anything from her. But she's been saving… Continue reading Back in the blogging saddle again soon

Summer vacation

The Horse Fund's staff and volunteers work year round on behalf of horses, donating their many talents and putting in impressive hours despite having the pressures and responsibilities that go with daily life. Twice a year we give them much deserved time off — during the summer and at Christmas time. Everyone will be back… Continue reading Summer vacation

Year in Review on its way

Horses most misunderstood animal on the planet quote on black background with a horse.

HOUSTON, TEXAS — All of our staff and volunteers are finally back. Thank goodness. Whew. We are still putting together year end reports from 2016 and it's all folks on board. Wow, were we busy. So much went on. Lots to collate, evaluate and sort through. We want to give you what you need without… Continue reading Year in Review on its way

Getting our house in order for 2017

Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

by VIVIAN WEBSITE UPGRADES We have been so busy this year working on horse cruelty issues, lobbying, taking part in rescues and intervening in the Courts on behalf of horses confiscated in cruelty cases we have not given our website the full attention it deserves. That has been rectified and it is looking it's old… Continue reading Getting our house in order for 2017

End of year campaign reports and more

Galloping Horse by Bob Langrish. By Permission.

We hope you are having a really enjoyable holiday season. ISSUES AND REPORTS It's that time of year when we prepare our end of year reports to send out to our supporters. Supporters in this instance means those who have donated to these campaigns. We are beginning work on what are known as our Blue… Continue reading End of year campaign reports and more