Thousands of racehorses are slaughtered for human consumption in Ireland

Including hundreds of foals Updated: 12.30 pm EST VIA IRISH SUN NEWSPAPER » THOROUGHBRED foals produced for the horseracing industry are being slaughtered for human consumption when they are less than one year old, new figures have revealed. They were among more than 3,000 racehorses killed in Irish meat factories since 2020, according to information… Continue reading Thousands of racehorses are slaughtered for human consumption in Ireland

To eat or not to eat horse meat

Butchering of a horse in Catania. Horse meat is ugly.

Horse slaughter is a brutal and terrifying death and exists to supply the human demand for horse meat and make a profit from it, and for no other reason. Should people be eating their meat? Who eats it In an article defending and promoting the human consumption of horse meat, AG Daily recently wrote: “The… Continue reading To eat or not to eat horse meat

The trouble with horse meat

Ground horse meat. Source:

How toxic is horse meat? The answer is — very. There are approximately one hundred and ten (110!) drugs administered to horses over their lifetimes that are illegal to administer to animals raised for human consumption. Equines are medicated with wormers, antibiotics, fly sprays, diuretics and Phenylbutazone (a pain killer once administered to people and… Continue reading The trouble with horse meat

From 2001 to 2020 the U.S. exported close to 2 million horses for slaughter

According to government records from 2001 to 2020, the United States sent 1,620,192 of its horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter for human consumption. U.S. Horse Slaughter Export Numbers 2001 to 2020 YEARNUMBER202035,572201964,433201881,294201779,5622016108,4202015125,6082014145,7852013144,6562012166,5722011127,5252010106,665200998,503200898,963200778,061200632,789200525,145200423,839200322,252200225,993200128,735TOTAL1,620,192Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service/USDA and Statistics Canada You will notice the number of slaughter bound horses to Mexico and Canada began to increase… Continue reading From 2001 to 2020 the U.S. exported close to 2 million horses for slaughter

Horse meat and who eats it

Ground horse meat. Source:

For much of humanity's early existence, man hunted wild horses as a source of protein. Today, horse meat forms a significant part of the culinary traditions of many countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. Horses slaughtered for human consumption are processed in a similar fashion to cattle, i.e., in large-scale factory slaughterhouses (abattoirs) where they are stunned with a captive bolt gun and bled to death. In countries with a less… Continue reading Horse meat and who eats it

Slaughter export numbers of U.S. horses decrease

A horse in slaughter buyer Mike McCarron's trailer in Cleburne, Texas, August, 2019. USA Today.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Market News Livestock Export Summary, 28,653 horses were shipped for slaughter from the United States to Mexico in 2020, a 46% decrease from 2019 when 53,947 were shipped. 53,947 marks a 26% decrease from 2018 when 70,708 horses designated for slaughter were transported from the United States… Continue reading Slaughter export numbers of U.S. horses decrease

China’s Equine Industries in a Transitional Economy

Horse in profile against a black backdrop. From

Development, Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities By Qingbin Wang and Yang ZouReceived: 1 April 2020; Accepted: 19 June 2020; Published: 24 June 2020 Note: We are posting the Abstract with a link to the full document in pdf format ( 14 pp). Abstract China had the most horses in the world from 1961 to 2004 but,… Continue reading China’s Equine Industries in a Transitional Economy

Top 10 importers and exporters of horse meat worldwide

A horse in slaughter buyer Mike McCarron's trailer in Cleburne, Texas, August, 2019. USA Today.

By Jane Allin MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Recall from the previous articles in this series, that the FAO stats are not always based on original datasets for countries included in their assessments. The FAO Statistics Division addressed this by developing innovative methods to improve data reliability and consistency across statistical domains. As a result,… Continue reading Top 10 importers and exporters of horse meat worldwide

Republican cosponsors and the SAFE Act

US Capitol Dome and Flag.

Calling all Americans. Do you have a Republican Representative in the U.S. House? If so, help boost Republican support of the SAFE Act by asking your Representative to cosponsor H.R.961. Here's why. There are 435 voting members in the U.S. House. 218 equals a majority. As of this writing the SAFE Act has 228 cosponsors. However, in… Continue reading Republican cosponsors and the SAFE Act

Who's butchering Florida's horses?

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Three killings and butcherings in late 2019, and the array of alarming incidents that followed thereafter, have rocked the equestrian community in Central Florida. No culprits have been caught. It continues unabated. Horses are still being preyed upon. Evidence shows that horses are being butchered while still alive as there… Continue reading Who's butchering Florida's horses?