Drag racing horses in Florida

POWERNATION TV writes: While horse racing is obviously nothing new, racing them down a highway isn’t usually where you find them. But if you’re on the east coast of the Sunshine State, where horse racing is especially popular at casinos, you may see owners training or racing their horses on the roads. As you can imagine this draws… Continue reading Drag racing horses in Florida

Why people are paying €100,000 to breed digital horses online

Bonus — No animals harmed By Shannon McDonagh | EuroNews, Living Section McDonagh writes: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have existed for over half a decade but have found their place in tech since the beginning of this year, having permeated art, music, and most recently, sport. The latest chapter of the crypto-boom is leading to thousands… Continue reading Why people are paying €100,000 to breed digital horses online

Gene Doping in the Equine Athlete: The New Normal in the “Art of Cheating”?

Racehorse tied in stall.

RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN BY JANE ALLIN The success of any racehorse is determined by genetics, training and nutrition, which ultimately impact physical traits such as speed, muscular strength and endurance. While training and nutrition no doubt contribute significantly to a racehorse’s performance, inheritance plays an equally if not greater part in influencing performance. At least,… Continue reading Gene Doping in the Equine Athlete: The New Normal in the “Art of Cheating”?

Gotcha — Posing on dead racehorses

Just when you think you have heard it all . . . just how little racing values the horses they use and throw away, then there is this story. Ben Church reporting for CNN writes: The horse racing industry is facing renewed scrutiny over animal welfare after footage emerged showing an amateur jockey jumping onto the back… Continue reading Gotcha — Posing on dead racehorses

Black jockeys and American horse racing

THE KENTUCKY DERBY Jae Jones, writing for BLACK THEN, tells us: "Oliver Lewis became the first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby, America’s longest continuous sporting event, on May 17, 1875. His time of 2 minutes, 37.75 seconds also set an American record over the mile and a half distance (the Kentucky Derby became a… Continue reading Black jockeys and American horse racing

Horses and humans feel the same pain when whipped, study finds

Landmark research comes as Racing Victoria tables proposal to phase out the whip, saying rules on its use ‘no longer appropriate’ There is no significant difference in the way humans and horses experience the pain of being struck by a whip, according to a landmark study that researchers say should end the argument on the… Continue reading Horses and humans feel the same pain when whipped, study finds