Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss

Wild horse freed from chains seems to say thanks with a kiss. Animal Channel.

BY ASHLEY BREWER | ANIMAL CHANNEL It’s not often that you see wild horses anymore. Sadly, not many of them still exist today and face extinction or total loss of habitat due to humans and suburban expansion. And the wild horses around the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine are, unfortunately, all too familiar with… Continue reading Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss

NAARV opposes HISA

We just posted that H.R.1754, the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) is set to be voted on today, Sept. 29th. There are powerful horse racing groups who are in favor of the bill; there are powerful horse racing groups who are opposed to it. All have been lobbying strongly for their wills to be… Continue reading NAARV opposes HISA

Unique ranch helps rehabilitate abused Mustangs

Wild Horse Rescue Center, Florida. Image: Orlando Sentinel.

Volunteers find purpose working with horses When Jorge Pousa volunteered eight months ago to put his strong back to good use at the Wild Horse Rescue Center, he expected to muck stalls and occasionally tackle fence repair. But Diane Delano, owner of the Webster-based nonprofit, knows a thing or two about matching humans with horses.… Continue reading Unique ranch helps rehabilitate abused Mustangs

A new start for thoroughbreds: Manitoba non-profit helps old racehorses find homes

Racehorses out on the track at dawn, Los Alamitos. Associated Press image.

TORONTO — For three thoroughbreds these days, the backstretch is a quiet acreage east of Winnipeg. But there was a time when the track was home. The fast life of a racehorse is also generally a short one. Many thoroughbreds start racing around two years old, and are retired a few short years later. The… Continue reading A new start for thoroughbreds: Manitoba non-profit helps old racehorses find homes

More than 20 horses rescued from illegal slaughter farm in S. Florida

Did you see this? BELL, Fla. (WCJB) — Over 20 horses have been rescued from an illegal slaughtering farm in South Florida by a local rescue operation. According to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office, a complaint saying a horse was quote "in distress” and couldn’t get up as well as buzzards and horse bones scattered… Continue reading More than 20 horses rescued from illegal slaughter farm in S. Florida

Starving horse becomes safe and happy

First Taste of Freedom This horse was so hungry that she stuck her head in an electric fence looking for food. But now she's gotten plenty to eat and feels like a whole new horse. Today she's about to find out she has a whole field of grass to run in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hTarWb0C9M&t=7s

Meet Topaz, Heavenly Horse Haven's adoptable animal of the week

(March 20, 2020) — My Valley News of California writes: Topaz is a mare with a history, and before she landed at Heavenly Horse Haven, her future was quite murky. Topaz. Heavenly Horse Haven. Anza, California, Riverside County. “She came from San Diego Animal Control as part of a cruelty case,” ranch owner Gina Perrin… Continue reading Meet Topaz, Heavenly Horse Haven's adoptable animal of the week

Blind horse finds way back home

By DON SERGENT | The Daily News | Mar 1, 2020 BOWLING GREEN — It might have been the most satisfying whinny Catherine Limkeman had ever heard from Declan, the horse she transported from Ozark, Ill., to Warren County's Rainhill Equine Facility. After she led Declan — a 12-year-old thoroughbred/quarter horse mix — on a… Continue reading Blind horse finds way back home

The woman who has saved 500 horses from slaughter

One of the 500 horses rescued by Freedom Reins.

Here's How She Did It by IHeartHorses.com We live in a world where animals do not have a voice. It is our job to help them. Often times, we are their saviors from certain death. For one woman living in California, she wanted to do something for unwanted horses that were being sold for slaughter. It’s… Continue reading The woman who has saved 500 horses from slaughter

Rehabilitated horses run for joy

Close up of a camera lens. By Premium Beat.

There are so many wonderful horse rescue stories. We thought we would share one with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hTarWb0C9M&feature=youtu.be Who's crying? We're crying. Thank You Thank you everyone for following us and taking part in our advocacy. New Website Our new website is almost ready. We will be sharing it with you very soon. Hooray!