Fantastic, iconic, prehistoric – the white chalk horses of Great Britain

Mention “white horses” to most equestrians, and they’ll correct you that the vast majority of seemingly white horses are actually grey, typically born dark and growing greyer as they age. However, there is another type of white horse that has remained the same colour for millennia. Around Britain, the shape of horses have been carved into chalky… Continue reading Fantastic, iconic, prehistoric – the white chalk horses of Great Britain

Painted horses

Horse Mania Returns to Lexington Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) (Jeremy Tombs reporting) — LexArts hosted a “Play Date” at Keeneland Saturday, welcoming in schools who will be part of this year’s ‘Horse Play’ program. The schools started taking their horses or foals with them so they can begin their painting projects which will be displayed in… Continue reading Painted horses

White horses

A poem by Eleanor Farjeon Count the white horses you meet on the way,Count the white horses, child day after day,Keep a wish ready for wishing - if youWish on the ninth horse, your wish will come true. I saw a white horse at the end of the lane,I saw a white horse canter down… Continue reading White horses

A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

THISISCOLOSSAL.COM How about the girl's top. Fun teaser, huh? If you think her computer key bra is cool, check out this fantastic work of art made with around 18,000 vintage computer keys. Vivian just happened to come across it during an internet search and fell in love with it. The article that goes with the… Continue reading A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

Raphael Macek

Raphael Macek's Immersion horse portrait is center stage in this engaging decor.

Something of great beauty to take you into the weekend. Thank you for visiting with us, and for your likes and comments. All images by renown equine photographer, Raphael Macek. Immersion Raphael Macek's horse portrait Immersion used in interior design. Another example of Raphael Macek's magnificent horse portrait art. Inspiration Horses stir passion, inspire respect,… Continue reading Raphael Macek

Montana: New Angel Horses unveiled and on display in downtown Billings

"Tally Ho" by Carol Spielman. Angel Horses, Billings MT 2015.

Cross-posted from BILLINGS - The annual fundraiser for Angel Horses now has a stable of colts ready for auction later this summer. The four horses were unveiled Tuesday before they go to a local gallery. Five artists helped create the beautiful works of art. If you remember last year, Angel Horses displayed four horses… Continue reading Montana: New Angel Horses unveiled and on display in downtown Billings

12 Live Horses Are Currently On Display In Manhattan Art Gallery

--- Updated 2:35 am / 29 June 2015 Alright Tuesday's Horse'ers, instead of me popping off we invite you to weigh in. Tell us, from your experience — no matter what that is — how you view this scenario. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for live horses to be part of… Continue reading 12 Live Horses Are Currently On Display In Manhattan Art Gallery

Wild horses and the world’s forgotten animals

Wild Horses, Nevada. Photo Credit: Charlotte Dumas.

Cross-posted from CNN I was excited when I read this headline. I became less excited as a I read through the article. It seems that America's wild horses are doomed to be misunderstood, their numbers and what they mean misrepresented to their continuing detriment. And of course this misinformation will be considered gospel by many… Continue reading Wild horses and the world’s forgotten animals