Get ready for our 2017 Governor’s Day Twitter campaign against horse slaughter

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MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Next Tuesday, March 28, 2017 is our Governor’s Day Twitter campaign against horse slaughter. Let’s get ready now.

As pro slaughter forces lobby to raise support for returning horse slaughter to US soil let’s get together and let our US Governors know that their citizens are against horse slaughter.

Your tweets should include a short message to your Governor @GovernorsName then hash tag horses, the name of your state and zip code.


I am strongly opposed to horse slaughter @GovMattBevin #horses #kentucky #40208

Keep the slaughter of #horses out of #Texas @GovAbbott from #77019

Protect our #horses from slaughter Gov @EricGreitens #missouri #63006

Horse slaughter is an UNnecessary evil. Say NO Gov @JohnKasich #horses #ohio #43004

You can see how this not only let’s our Governors know how we feel but also raises awareness around the country and particularly right where you live.

Share your ideas for some great anti horse slaughter tweets in comments using the format above.

If you have a program where you can schedule your tweets, go ahead and do them now and set them to tweet anytime on March 28.


See how we love you. Here is a Twitter list for all 50 State Governors as of March 2017.

• Alabama
Gov. Robert Bentley — @GovernorBentley

• Alaska
Gov. Bill Walker — @AkGovBillWalker

• Arizona
Gov. Doug Ducey — @dougducey

• Arkansas
Gov. Asa Hutchinson — @AsaHutchinson

• California
Gov. Jerry Brown — @JerryBrownGov

• Colorado
Gov. John Hickenlooper — @GovOfCO

• Connecticut
Gov. Dan Malloy — @GovMalloyOffice

• Delaware
Gov. John Carney — @JohnCarneyDE

• Florida
Gov. Rick Scott — @FLGovScott

• Georgia
Gov. Nathan Deal — @GovernorDeal

• Hawaii
Gov. David Ige @GovHawaii

• Idaho
Gov. Butch Otter — @ButchOtter

• Illinois
Gov. Bruce Rauner — @GovRauner

• Indiana
Gov. Eric Holcomb — @GovHolcomb

• Iowa
Gov. Terry Branstad — @TerryBranstad

• Kansas
Gov. Sam Brownback — @govsambrownback

• Kentucky
Gov. Matt Bevin — @GovMattBevin

• Louisiana
Gov. John Bel Edwards — @LouisianaGov

• Maine
Gov. Paul R. LePage — @Governor_LePage

• Maryland
Gov. Larry Hogan — @LarryHogan

• Massachusetts
Gov. Charlie Baker — @MassGovernor

• Michigan
Gov. Rick Snyder — @onetoughnerd

• Minnesota
Gov. Mark Dayton — @GovMarkDayton

• Mississippi
Gov. Phil Bryant — @PhilBryantMS

• Missouri
Gov. Eric Greitens — @EricGreitens

• Montana
Gov. Steve Bullock — @GovernorBullock

• Nebraska
Gov. Pete Ricketts — @GovRicketts

• Nevada
Gov. Sandoval — @GovSandoval

• New Hampshire
Chris Sununu — @GovChrisSununu

• New Jersey
Gov. Christie — @GovChristie

• New Mexico
Gov. Susana Martinez — @Gov_Martinez

• New York
Gov. Andrew Cuomo — @NYGovCuomo

• North Carolina
Gov. Roy Cooper — @NC_Governor

• North Dakota
Gov. Doug Burgum @DougBurgum

• Ohio
Gov. Kasich — @JohnKasich

• Oklahoma
Gov. Mary Fallin — @GovMaryFallin

• Oregon
Gov. Kate Brown — @OregonGovBrown

• Pennsylvania
Gov. Tom Wolf — @GovernorTomWolf

• Rhode Island
Gov. Gina Raimondo — @GinaRaimondo

• South Carolina
Gov. Henry McMaster — @henrymcmaster

• South Dakota
Gov. Dennis Daugaard — @SDGovDaugaard

• Tennessee
Gov. Bill Haslam — @BillHaslam

• Texas
Gov. Greg Abbott — @GovAbbott

• Utah
Gov. Gary Herbert — @GovHerbert

• Vermont
Gov. Phil Scott @GovPhilScott

• Virginia
Gov. Terry McAuliffe — @GovernorVA

• Washington
Gov. Jay Inslee — @GovInslee

• West Virginia
Gov. Jim Justice — @WVGovernor

• Wisconsin
Gov. Walker — @GovWalker

• Wyoming
Gov. Matt Mead — @GovMattMead

It doesn’t matter if horse slaughter has been outlawed in your State. Plans to overturn your law may already be underway.

Remember. The final stop for a bill is the Governor’s Office where he or she will decide whether or not to sign it into law.

Not on Twitter? We have something for everyone coming up.

Want to start tweeting now? We don’t mind. But be sure to tweet on March 28 as well.

Be brief. Be polite. Thank you!

Updated Mar 24, 7:06 am.

Mystery of Trump’s nomination of Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — For horses a lot hangs on who is eventually appointed as Secretary of Agriculture. Former George Governor Sonny Perdue was reportedly nominated but confirmation hearings still have not been set. So Perdue remains unconfirmed.

Although not a food animal in the US, the person appointed to head up the Agricultural Department will be in a powerful decision making position that could dangerously impact the lives of horses because of the slaughter issue.

Except for Bravo Packing in New Jersey where horses are reportedly killed for zoo meat etc (they do not return our calls), horses are not slaughtered on US soil. However, some 130,000 to 150,000 horses are sent across US borders a year for the purposes of slaughter. The resulting horse meat is freeze packed and shipped overseas for human consumption.

Horse lovers were concerned from the moment it was reported that Sonny Perdue was nominated to head up the US Department of Agriculture. Perdue is pro horse slaughter.

However, according to a Vox report Perdue has not actually been officially nominated.

Sonny Perdue, [ ] Trump’s nominee to serve as agriculture secretary, has not yet been confirmed, and nobody knows why.

It’s not that Democrats are obstructing his confirmation — since changes to the Senate’s filibuster rule, they can’t block a Trump nominee unless they recruit three Republican “no” votes. And in the case of Perdue — unlike, say, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — they aren’t trying to do this. Nor are they resorting to extraordinary measures like the all-night debate that stalled Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s confirmation, or the committee walkouts that dramatized ethical issues hanging over the heads of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin or Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

The reason the Senate hasn’t yet approved his nomination is that he hasn’t actually been officially nominated yet. Paperwork hasn’t yet traveled down from the executive branch to the Senate, so no hearings have been scheduled, even though Perdue does not appear to be a controversial nominee.

There’s little to no reason to be hopeful Perdue will not eventually be nominated, or is there? Vox also reports:

Perdue’s nomination appears to be in limbo due to either the FBI background check or to financial conflicts of interest considered by the Office of Government Ethics. But it seems nobody is entirely sure whether there’s an actual problem, how serious the problem is, or whether the vetters are simply overwhelmed with other work.

In the meantime the USDA and others are in limbo until someone is nominated and confirmed.

In the meantime, US horses as ever are still at risk of slaughter and there seems no end in sight.

Sonny Perdue. Photo by Jason Getz / Getty Images.


Tuesday’s Horse
Trump picks former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to head up Agriculture; January 19, 2017.

Other Media
5 Reasons Why Food Experts Are Worried About Trump’s New Agriculture Secretary;; by Clint Rainey; January 2017.

Summary of global horse slaughter and horse meat numbers

Beauty was a 'throwaway', a horse on a slaughter-bound feedlot that nobody wanted. Well, I wanted her! Image: Remembering Beauty website.

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Here is a summary of the global horse slaughter and horse meat numbers and statistics published by Jane Allin.

• The horse slaughter and horse meat industry is widespread from a global perspective.

• According to the most recent FAO data from 2013 almost 4.7 million horses were slaughtered worldwide that year with a staggering 1.6 billion lb. of horse meat produced.

• By far the largest producer of horse meat is Asia (49%) followed by the Americas (24%). Similarly the largest number of horses slaughtered can be attributed to Asia (55%) and again followed by the Americas (24%).

• In the case of the Americas keep in mind that although horse slaughter does not, for the most part, occur on U.S. soil, horses do enter the slaughter pipeline and end up at abattoirs in both Mexico and Canada.

• According to the Animal Welfare Institute 102,554 horses were shipped from the U.S. to Mexico for slaughter and 42,102 to Canada in 2013 comprising a total of 144,656.

• By far the largest producer of horse meat is China representing about 27% of the total (~420 million lb.), followed by Kazakhstan (12.5%), Mexico (9.2%), Russia (7.4%) and Mongolia and Argentina both at 4.3% rounding out the top six countries. The top ten horse meat producing countries represent 77% of the total global horse meat production.

• China again tops the list of countries with the most number of horses slaughtered (34% of the total) representing ~ 1.6 million horses on an annual basis. China is followed by Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia and Mongolia which mirrors the horse meat producing country list.

• The top ten countries in terms of horse slaughter numbers (head) make up 80% of the total horses slaughtered globally.

• Horse meat exports on a global basis totaled about 260 million lb. or 16% of the total amount of horse meat produced worldwide. The leading exporting countries were; Belgium (16.8%), Argentina (14.0%), Canada (12.5%), Mexico (12.3%) and Poland (9.5%).

• Horse meat imports were highest in Italy (22.2%), Belgium (21.3%), Russia (14.4%) and France (14.3%) – nations well known to consume horse meat on a regular basis. The top ten importers made up a total of about 93% of all horse meat imported worldwide.

• Exports and imports both represent about 16% of the total horse meat produced in the world which indicates that the greater majority of horse meat produced is consumed within the country of origin.

• Horse slaughter and horse meat trade across the globe is a multi-million dollar industry – exports are estimated to be worth almost a half billion USD ($478,729,000); imports closely mirrors this amount coming in at $491,588,000.

© The Horse Fund

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Beauty (pictured) was a ‘throwaway’, a horse on a slaughter-bound feedlot that nobody wanted. Well, I wanted her! says the lady who rescued her.

Top 10 countries ranked by horse meat export and import values

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — The top 10 countries with the highest horse meat export value are responsible for about 90% of the world’s total value in 1000’s of USD as shown in Table 6 and the accompanying bar chart.

This represents almost a half billion USD ($478,729,000).

Table 6 – Top 10 horse meat export value (1000’s of USD) by country – 2013

Top 10 horse meat export value (1000’s of USD) by country – 2013. Bar Chart.

The top 10 countries with the highest horse meat import value are responsible for about 96% of the world’s total value in 1000’s of USD as shown in Table 7 and the accompanying bar chart. This represents almost a half billion USD ($491,588,000), similar to the value of the global exports.

Table 7 – Top 10 horse meat import value (1000’s of USD) by country – 2013

Table 7 – Top 10 horse meat import value (1000’s of USD) by country – 2013. Bar Chart. Jane Allin.

To be continued with a summary of all the horse slaughter and horse meat statistics and numbers we have published here, provided by Jane Allin.