Meat and antibiotics

Hey there, it's Patsy. I was supposed to post yesterday. Wednesday's my new day to do our vegan posts but I am so used to Thursday's I clean forgot. Sorry! Since this is No Meat May, and we don't have far to go, I thought I would talk about antibiotics in animal agriculture. Did you… Continue reading Meat and antibiotics

The Vegan Lunchbox

Hey there. I am not going to list any delicious recipes. I am giving you a bunch of delicious links instead. All about lunch. You seem to have breakfast and dinner (or supper) solved. But lunch, not so much. Lots of these you can make at the weekend. And kid friendly too. Here we go!… Continue reading The Vegan Lunchbox

National Apple Pie Day

Apples and horses. Horses and apples. A natural and great combination. Horses eat apples raw of course. With humans — we like to cook everything. So let's celebrate with a recipe. A vegan recipe of course. Great for No Meat May. There's really very little to change to make apple pie vegan so this should… Continue reading National Apple Pie Day

No Meat May

Join us for No Meat May founded by Australian and former meat head Ryan Alexander. We have highlighted various campaigns like this before, our most popular ever being our very own Meat Out for Mustangs. 1000s of you pledged and kicked meat to the curb for an entire month, and never looked back, you felt… Continue reading No Meat May