Heroic horses getting a new home on the National Mall

WTOP NEWS, WASHINGTON DC new home for the horses used by the U.S. Park Police will open soon, and should be completed before the end of the year along the National Mall. Construction crews just completed their work on the roof, a milestone that was celebrated last Friday. “Our horse-mounted unit was started in 1934,… Continue reading Heroic horses getting a new home on the National Mall

D.C. Police disbanding Mounted Unit

D.C. mounted police horses. Image: DCist.com.

Disbanding of horse mounted police units continues across the U.S. The horse mounted unit in the nation's Capitol is the latest casualty. WJLA reports: The Horse Mounted Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department is being disbanded, D.C. police confirmed. A spokesperson for the department said the changes are a result of recent budget cuts by D.C.… Continue reading D.C. Police disbanding Mounted Unit

Ancient equestrian tactics used against modern foe

Close up image of mounted patrol police horse. SHUTTERSTOCK.

Horse patrols are being brought back all over the world to help police forces support social restriction orders

Denver police horse left tied up for 16 hours without food or water euthanized


Updated Jan. 27, 2017 DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver police officer on the mounted patrol unit has been docked one day of vacation as punishment after documents showed his horse was left tied up for 16 hours without food or water. A disciplinary letter said that on Sept. 26, officer Joseph Teeter finished his mounted patrol… Continue reading Denver police horse left tied up for 16 hours without food or water euthanized