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Help get horse pee ads off the air and out of magazines

Duavee ad, August 2014, Better Homes and Gardens.
August 2014, Better Homes and Gardens.


Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural change in hormones that takes place when women begin to move past their childbearing years.

Hot flashes may occur and make you uncomfortable during that time. Last I heard hot flashes caused by menopause most likely will never kill you.

Last class action lawsuit I saw demonstrates that drugs made with horse pee such as Premarin, Prempro, Premphase and its latest incarnation — DUAVEE — can cause cancer. The World Health Organization has been saying this for a long while. Drugs made with conjugated equine estrogens are known carcinogens.

Premarin Cream ads peddle the idea to menopausal woman that they are too dried up to enjoy sex. Really?

If women are old enough to have symptoms of menopause, surely they are old enough to know what lube is and how to use it.


Let us know when and where you see advertisements for Premarin, Premarin Cream, Duavee (or Duavive in the EU) by completing the form below.

If aired on television, we must know which show you were watching please and the time. When we contact television stations their staff do not want to look it up. Let’s make it as easy for them as we can so they will co-operate.

Here’s the form. Fill in the revelant bits. Click submit when you are ready. Your information will be sent directly to our inbox. Thank you!



What are we doing with this information? We are getting these ads off the air and out of magazines by alerting advertisers to the nature of these products.

Oprah (I thought she had retired or something) ignores all requests and still advertising Premarin Cream. I guess she doesn’t care. And she’s a horse owner too.


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