Foto Friday

Updated 10:26 am. The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery participated in a Royal 41-gun salute to mark the start of Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Sapphire Jubilee year at Green Park in central London February 6, 2017. We have one image arriving (below) where all looks well. After the Royal 41-gun salute some of the horses became unruly as they… Continue reading Foto Friday

Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016

(Updated 9:57 pm). The Horse Fund's "Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016" has arrived. We have sections on how slaughter is impacting the lives of the horses in North America. We have sections on regulation, legislation and what drives it all — the human appetite for horse meat, and those willing to supply it legally… Continue reading Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016

Premarin Horses Year in Review 2016

Premarin horses (or PMU horses) are the mares and foals cruelly exploited to produce the Premarin® family of drugs made for the relief of menopausal symptoms in women. The key component of these drugs comes from the estrogen rich urine collected from pregnant mares on what are commonly called "pee lines" in the industry. PMU… Continue reading Premarin Horses Year in Review 2016

Horse Fund’s Top Horse Cruelty Issues of 2016

The long awaited Top Horse Cruelty Issues of 2016 and corresponding Year in Review are finally on their way. 2017 started off in a tumultuous fashion and it does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon insofar as horse cruelty issues go, or cruelty to animals in general. It is tragic and we simply do not understand it. We have… Continue reading Horse Fund’s Top Horse Cruelty Issues of 2016