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H.R.961 — Outlawing Horse Slaughter


There is a bill pending before Congress that will end the transport of our horses across U.S. borders for the purpose of slaughter as well as outlaw horse slaughter on U.S. soil — H.R. 961 — The SAFE Act (


Will you help by picking up the phone and calling your U.S. Representative requesting they cosponsor H.R. 961?

Find them at

Prepare what you want to say before you dial. Type it up if you have to.

The Capitol Hill switchboard number is 202 224 2131.

Ask to speak to the Aide handling calls on H.R.961 (the SAFE Act). Always speak from the heart. Why do you want horse slaughter to end? That is what they want to hear!


Nervous about phoning? Lots of us are. Don’t worry.

In just a few minutes, with an email and password, you can sign up with POPVOX and immediately start weighing in on bills important to you.

When you sign up, POPVOX identifies your U.S. Representative and your two U.S. Senators for you and stores it on your page, and enables you to send a direct message right to them, right where you are, delivery guaranteed. No fooling!

If you need talking points on pending horse legislation, check out The Horse Fund’s Stakeholders’ page for inspiration. We have lots to say  — as usual.

Oh, and while you are at it on POPVOX, contact your two U.S. Senators and ask them to cosponsor H.R.961’s companion bill in the Senate — S.2006.


We don’t have time to waste. There is so much going on in the nation’s capitol we need our voices to be strong and in great numbers. We can accomplish that, and we need to. Here’s why:

There is a Congressional rule that states when you get 290 or more cosponsors on a bill, you can bypass all the committees it has been assigned to and move immediately for debate and vote. The promoters of the horse soring bill have already successfully used this provision. Why haven’t we done this yet?

This is a moment of great opportunity. Do you know how many of our bills outlawing horse slaughter have “died in committee”? All but one. Read about it here.  This is tragic.

Together we can turn this tragedy into a long awaited and much cherished victory, using all our voices right now, by asking our U.S. Representative to cosponsor H.R. 961 and our U.S. Senators to cosponsor S.2006.

Thank you everyone.

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