Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

Prayer for Horses

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for hearing our prayer.

We affirm that our horses are created and eternally maintained by Divine Love.

As you have given us dominion over our thoughts, we pray that our thoughts are in line with your thoughts. We pray that we see our horses as cherished ideas in Truth, that each and every horse is an individual expression of Soul, living purely, freely, cared for, watched over, protected, and provided for, abiding in perpetual peace and harmony of being.

We praise you Loving Father, and rest in the knowledge that you are unchanging ever present good, governing all according to the Divine Principle of Truth, Life and Love.

51 thoughts on “Prayer for Horses”

  1. Dear Vivian, It is the most heartfelt prayer I have ever read for our horses, I say it every nite for them, the power of prayer is a awesome thing, all of us should repeat it every nite !!!!!

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  2. Thank you all so much for your uplifting words, and for advocating for our horses through prayer. We know that no matter how it may appear to worldly senses, God has all of us under His protective wing.

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  3. The poem rings true regarding the stunning horses. I hope/pray that slaughter doesn’t open up in the U.S. and that the animal people/advocates fight for the innocent, voiceless and helpless horses/animals. We have to be their voice and continue to fight for their freedom to roam the land that belongs to them. Historically, the horses have worked hard for humans and now those same people want to kill them through horrible means called slaughterhouses. Lord—help this country if that occurs.

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  4. Here is one of my favorites!

    A Silent Tear

    Stand proud wild horse of the desert plain
    Do not let them your spirit claim
    Stand tall, stand firm, do not give in
    Though domination men seek to win.

    God made you strong and gave you heart
    And set you free right from the start
    To roam the valleys and the hills
    Yet your freedom men seek to steal.

    Don’t they know or can’t they see
    This is where you were meant to be.
    Other beasts of burden cannot compare

    Nor your beauty do they share.
    If we listen we might hear
    The thunderous roar, the silent tear
    Of slaughtered ones from the past
    And understand your plight at last.

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    1. I love this! Makes me cry. Thank God for the internet! Eventually it will rout out and bring down the cruel and greedy ones who were hiding in shadows, secretly carrying on their terrible “work”. We’ll be the virtual helicopters! Thank you for abiding in beauty and sharing this beautiful poem.

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  5. The prayer is beautiful…there is so much power in prayer, and nothing or anything is beyond the realm of the Lord. I can only pray in my lifetime that horse slaughter, the auctions that support the killer buyers, and the irresponable horse owners that cruely send them to their fate, will be abolished once and for all, and it will be a painful reminder of our history. I will continue to pray for that miracle for all of them everywhere.

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