Report Premarin Ads

Let us know when and where you see advertisements for Premarin, Premarin Cream, Duavee or Duavive by completing the form below.

If aired on television, we must know which show you were watching please.

Click submit when you are ready, and your information will be sent directly to our inbox. Thank you!


Also, please give us as much additional information as you can in the Comment Box.


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6 thoughts on “Report Premarin Ads”

  1. Thank you for fighting the good fight! No reason in the world for women to be ingesting or applying horse urine to/in their bodies. Hideous.


  2. as soon as i found out about premarin a few years ago, i was sickened and disgusted…so glad i found this forum where i can report every time i hear/see an advertisement for this inhumane, gruesome “product.”

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  3. How about all the “pain” that is caused to produce such a product?! And, how about the many harmful side effects that can occur with use?! Surely modern medicine is capable of providing a product which is less harmful and more humane.

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  4. Constant torture for horses so menopausal women “can have sex without pain” .Cancer is a potential side effect. How offensive can you get? Did no one ever hear of lubricants (and they generally don’t cause cancer)

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