Slaughter of U.S. horses in Canada

Three horses looking straight ahead. Photographer unknown.

In a phone call to the CFIA, we were told that just under 24,000 U.S. horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2018. See the overall numbers of horses slaughtered in Canadian plants for 2008 through 2016 here. Also in 2018, we found that nearly 66,000 U.S. horses were transported to Mexico for slaughter. TAKE ACTION… Continue reading Slaughter of U.S. horses in Canada

Nashville Vote on Soring Ban Tonight

Horse soring "stacks" on the front hooves of a Tennessee Walking Horse at Big Lick competition. HSUS.

NEWS RELEASE Effort to Stop Animal Cruelty Secured an Overwhelming Majority of Lawmakers in Congress Voting for Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act NASHVILLE, TN, USA, August 6, 2019 / — The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, H.R. 693, by a vote of 333 to 96. U.S.… Continue reading Nashville Vote on Soring Ban Tonight

Roy Exum: Soring Will Still Thrive

Horse soring "stacks" on the front hooves of a Tennessee Walking Horse at Big Lick competition. HSUS.

We quote the following from Roy Exum's column of yesterday. Exum, who has covered the horse soring issue for some years from his home base of Tennessee for The Chattanoogan, states what appears to be patently obvious to many, sometimes even us. It's about the future of the anti horse soring bill in the U.S.… Continue reading Roy Exum: Soring Will Still Thrive

Analysis of the “Horseracing Integrity Act of 2019”

Post by VIVIAN FARRELL Remember that 'fox watching the henhouse' feeling I mentioned concerning H.R. 1754, The Horse Racing Integrity Act of 2019? I was about to make a run at summarizing the lengthy reports I received from our own legislative and horse racing specialists on H.R. 1754 when the heavens opened and led me to… Continue reading Analysis of the “Horseracing Integrity Act of 2019”