Racing babies … to death

Protective Thoroughbred mare and young foal huddle together in pasture.

RESEARCH by JANE ALLIN “I think there’s probably a much stronger tendency to have two year old racing nowadays than there used to be….and the lure of prize money. There’s a great incentive to race their horses too young too immature. In the old days, you bought your yearlings, you broke them in, you castrated… Continue reading Racing babies … to death

Racing Babies: Are Two Year Olds Too Young?

Union Rags Racehorse

By JANE ALLIN Globally, the sport of horse racing is a multi-billion dollar industry where both fortunes are made and fortunes are woefully lost. More than $100 million worth of bets are placed each year on the Kentucky Derby alone. [1] What once existed as a revered pastime is now a powerful commercial empire replete… Continue reading Racing Babies: Are Two Year Olds Too Young?