10 horses rescued from Detroit warehouse

Horses found abandoned Detroit warehouse. Photo: Michigan Humane Society.

TOM GREENWOOD reporting for the Detroit News writes: "Early Tuesday afternoon members of the Michigan Humane Society, Detroit Animal Rescue and the Detroit Police Department rescued 10 neglected horses from a crumbling cinderblock warehouse on the city's west side. "The horses, some with heavily matted fur, protruding ribs and neglected hooves, were confined in a… Continue reading 10 horses rescued from Detroit warehouse

Mystery surrounding abandoned horses finally solved

Based on reports from the European Union (EU) tracking horses sold to Mexico for slaughter and arial footage of a group of abandoned horses, EWA concluded that over 5,000 abandoned horses in the US can be traced back to meat slaughter plants in Mexico. The EU report identified that over 5,000 horses sold to Mexico… Continue reading Mystery surrounding abandoned horses finally solved

Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks

The Associated Press reports: BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) Police in Romania said Friday they will stop trucks transporting 50 wild horses to slaughter as part of an investigation into a case that has outraged animal protection groups. Authorities in eastern Romania ordered the slaughter, saying the abandoned horses are destroying the Letea forest in the Danube… Continue reading Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks

Plight of drug trade horses

When we hear about the "War on Drugs", how many of us think about horses? At the Fund for Horses, we occasionally receive emails or hear stories from rescues and sanctuaries about the horses used by the illegal drug trade, then left in the desert to starve to death or die of thirst (and yes,… Continue reading Plight of drug trade horses

BC SPCA vows to pursue charges in case of starving horses (CAN)

Cross-posted from the Globe and Mail By JOSH WINGROVE The B.C. arm of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking to send a "message" to livestock owners by pursuing charges in the case of dozens of feral horses who were found either starving or dead on an inner-B.C. native reserve last… Continue reading BC SPCA vows to pursue charges in case of starving horses (CAN)

Horse woes in Wyoming not due to no slaughter option (US)

Here we ago again. The pro-slaughter PR machine at work. A case in point is the Mark Heinz article entitled, "Tough times for equines" for the Casper Star-Tribune, dated March 15, 2009. Heinz tells us: Tough economic times are apparently driving a growing number of horse owners into cruel choices. "We've seen a large increase… Continue reading Horse woes in Wyoming not due to no slaughter option (US)

Idaho-er grieves horses are dead but not by slaughter (US)

Cross-posted from some crazy rancher type blog, or someone called the Westerner, but who knows, he is upset they are not killing horses in peace death camps, instead them out where there's no grass under their hooves. Written by Jaded Mare KTVB.COM Idaho reports: Someone is leaving domestic horses on public land, without a way… Continue reading Idaho-er grieves horses are dead but not by slaughter (US)

Oregon bill says do not abandon your horses (US)

Cross-posted from The Argus Observer -- Article entitled "Oregon seeing more abandoned horses" SALEM (AP) — A proposed state law would make it a felony to abandon a horse, giving owners an incentive to find alternatives even when the economy makes it too expensive to feed or care for the animals. Animal rescue activists had… Continue reading Oregon bill says do not abandon your horses (US)

Horses run wild in Harrow Weald (UK)

Cross-posted from Harrow Times HORSES abandoned on Christmas Day have been running wild and causing havoc in Harrow Weald. At least 30 horses have been dumped on the roads in the north of the borough in the last month, and they have been allowed to run wild on to a sports ground, back gardens, and… Continue reading Horses run wild in Harrow Weald (UK)

Horses need homes everywhere as costs go up (Florida)

By VIVIAN GRANT Oh, look, here is another one of those scary articles about horses being abandoned everywhere because first time owners got 'em cheap then didn't understand that it costs money to care for one. Seems in Florida these ne'er do wells are loading the shelters and sanctuaries up with extra horses to save… Continue reading Horses need homes everywhere as costs go up (Florida)